Monday, June 15, 2009

What a wicked weekend

That's right, the highlight of my weekend was Wicked. I loved it and am leaving for Broadway right away. I tell you, if I were a Broadway actress the part of Elphaba, the wicked witch of the west, is the part I would kill for. Just to perform "Defying Gravity" up there on wires with all the lights on you...awesome! It gave me chills. This cast was so good and I really enjoyed the play but I think the Lion King may still be number one for me.
After that we had dinner and drinks at Dick's Last Resort on the Riverwalk and it was an experience. Most of us had never been there before so it was a good time. The stupid paper hats they make you wear were fun and I enjoy sparring with rude waiters, though I think our waiter had a crush on H. Monkey Boy was the first one with a hat that said "I'm not gay but my boyfriend is" with an arrow pointing to H. I was next with "So easy a cave man could do me", Big Red got one that said "Free mustache rides" and H was the last with "I beat anorexia". We had a good time stuffing our faces, throwing paper napkins at unsuspecting diners and fighting off a woman who wanted a free mustache ride from my husband. We ended the night at Candelight with coffee and dessert and drum roll please....trannies!

These were older trannies with bad wigs, fishnet stockings, and really bad shoes. Big Red called them tranmas because they were older...trannies + grandmas = tranmas. It was quite exciting and we seemed to be the only ones getting all aflutter. Everyone else there seemed to be nonplussed about the tranny meeting taking place at one of the tables because this is a very gay friendly place. We tried to get pictures but we couldn't do it without being obvious and what we really wanted was just to have a conversation with them, out of sheer curiosity. Wicked and dicks and trannies, oh my, could this possibly be the best birthday weekend ever?


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