Thursday, June 4, 2009

Is it Friday yet?

Who knew working a full week after being on vacation would be so hard? I'm exhausted. H survived his thunder and lightning storm in tact but he is now studying to be a mime. Because he was dreaming he was in a box, get it? I'm tired, cut me some slack.

I had family drama last night and I'm over it. Sometimes don't you totally get those people who run away and start new lives? It was all over something so silly and I smoothed everything over but someone had their panties in a bunch and it wasn't me.

I got home last night and couldn't find Max. I heard whining and finally found him locked in the spare bedroom. When I called my husband to ask him what happened, he told me the door must have closed behind Max, thus locking him in the room. He could have been in there for as long as 3 hours!? My poor puppy, no wonder he is so traumatized all the time and we now need a dog behaviorist.

The highlight of my day was lunch yesterday and let me just give you the rundown on our exciting and action packed hour. Michelle got a new lunch box with bunnies, Little Gay R is committed but will be okay if he and his man break up, Fast Eddie is convinced he is destined for greatness when it comes to running (he may very well be) and H and I are on to another one of our brilliant business opportunities. You know, the way we built up our massive radio, newspaper, and detective empire? We are not very good at the follow through and I'm pretty sure that part is important. I would say we are excellent dreamers though. We talk the talk but don't walk the walk...obviously. Just look at our picture, walking is not what we do best.

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