Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Exhibit A

Your Honor I would like to enter the first piece of evidence in the trial of the murdered coffee pot. This picture was taken minutes before the red thingies were found. I believe if you look closely you will see remnants of red thingies on the knife and if you look even closer you will see anger, hatred and rage in the eyes of K. She is one sick individual with a twisted sense of humor.

I believe her blog entry was an attempt to throw off the investigation. She acts as if she is surprised by the murder, then blogs about it so there is a record of it.

I am here also as a character witness. I can tell she is a real character who gets her kicks out of seeing people suffer from lack of caffeine. She picks up McDonalds coffee EVERY day so she has no need for the coffee served at our little office.

I rest my case, your Honor.

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