Thursday, June 18, 2009


Screw choosing your battles! I say fight them all. Today I chose to do that. I was sick and tired of a contract person that works in one of our programs. She is extremely difficult to work with because everything becomes an issue and gets complicated when she is involved.

She was at the office today and asked me about 10 questions and made things difficult. I smiled and answered her questions. She then called me 30 minutes later and asked me the same damn questions. She said that she wanted to make sure I understood what she was trying to tell me. I kept telling her, ' I told you earlier' or '...we discussed this earlier' but she insisted on asking more. I finally told her that she was making this more complicated than it needed to be and that she really didn't need to know anymore information because it wasn't relevant to her work with us. I also told her that I understood exactly what she was saying and that she needed to stop and listen to what I was saying so SHE could understand.

K is right, this is not a good time around here and am out of patience for stupid questions.


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