Monday, June 29, 2009

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Good Morning! Hey look, it's Monday again. It's amazing how that always happens. It was a good weekend as most of them are. I have realized once again that out of all my friends, the one I enjoy spending the most time with is my husband. We laugh and love a lot and he makes me happy. Saturday was spent with our dog trainer Ian and his second training lesson with Maximillion, which was really good. Ian is my new facebook friend and he recommended we join a dog group to socialize Maxipad so we did. Our first event is a dog walk coming up in July and we are so excited.
Ian brought his dog and Maximus did really well with him. You know what I hate the most about this picture? Do you see my brown grass? This is a full on Texas summer with water restrictions in place. Some of my neighbors are out at 3 a.m. watering their lawn, not me. I say it will come back when the rain comes.
We had to take turns walking Maximum security and teaching ourselves (not Maxed out) how to do it. Up and down the sidewalk in our neighborhood, I hope our neighbors enjoyed the show. The trainer totally called me out on tensing up when other dogs or people are around. The walk didn't last long, it was 100 degrees out!
Once again, we went to the park on Sunday morning for more training and play time for Maximum overdrive. We followed it up with breakfast out and a trip to Petco to get Maximum density more snacks. We had fun spending the weekend out socializing Maxis and spending time together as a family. Don't you just have days when you feel happy and your heart puffs out little love clouds? This was one of those weekends.

This post should have been finished much earlier but Michelle stopped by to chat and I'd rather do that than finish anyway. It's going to be a good week despite the fact that tomorrow is the last day of the fiscal year and I have much to do. It is only a 4 day work week and Little Red is flying in on Saturday. Little Red is my sweet 17 year old step-daughter and she will be spending a few weeks with us this summer. It's always fun when she comes to town and I know my hubby misses spending time with her. Little Red looks just like Big Red and they are both super smart and love the same things. Allow me to leave you with this final thought: Lady Gaga is an overrated drag queen whose songs have a shelf life of about 5 minutes. Not only do I not like the music itself but her whole shtick is tired. Just had to get that off my chest and I already feel better. Yes, I realize I just used Max in this story 9 times. What can I say, I'm full of love.


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The Expatresse said...

I thought I was the only one who doesn't like Lady Gaga. There's something about her . . . but I just don't.