Sunday, December 27, 2009

Post Christmas starring Max

3 movies in 3 days and I am now all caught up. Who knew this could wear you out? Avatar, Sherlock Holmes and The Blind Side...all great but I cried through most of one of them, can you guess which one? Christmas was great, as usual. Hope your holiday was equally fun and safe. We ate, got some good stuff, talked with family and just enjoyed the time off. I'm sort of over eating out though, I just want to eat a sandwich at home. One of us was more excited to open gifts, bet you can't guess which one. My parents sent him peanut butter dog biscuits and it's like dog crack because I can't get him off the stuff now. Thanks mom and dad for making your grand-dog an addict. Now I'll need some sort of intervention for him.
Speaking of my lovable canine companion, please enjoy the following picture of what happens when he gets stuck in the spare bedroom while we are at work. I opened the door and found him sitting there with a look on his face like "What? It was like this already." How could I scold him when he was really just trying to get out. Yes, we must now replace the flooring, curtains and bedding. Not expensive at all, she sarcastically said. Oy vey.
My bed beckons to me because I am tired from eating too much, watching movies and napping. Holiday's are really exhausting, aren't they? Peace out.


Monday, December 21, 2009

Why didn't anyone tell me about Kona Grill?!

Big Red and I went on another date Saturday night and it was wonderful. We decided to try a new place we have never been before, Kona Grill. First of all it was beautiful inside, loved the huge fish tank and modern furnishings. Since we weren't familiar with their menu we went with whatever our waitress recommended and did she know her stuff! We started with margaritas and even though they were small they were packed with a punch. After just one, I was feeling the effects. :-) We had the chicken pot stickers and they had a touch of spice but crunchy and tasty all the same. Red had the steak and I had the macadamia nut chicken and we shared. The chicken was a little bland by itself but the two sauces that come with it were so yummy! Even the garlic skin on mashed potatoes and the grilled veggies (peppers..yum) were delicious. I had some of Red's steak and it was tender and nicely seasoned and I even tried asparagus for the first time and it wasn't too bad. Moving on to dessert... brownie sundae for me and warm apple crisp for my hubby, along with a big cup of Kona coffee. Onolicious! Their desserts were the perfect size, not too much but not too little and they were exactly the perfect way to end the meal.

We were so impressed and can't wait to go back again. The service, atmosphere and the food were outstanding even though we were $80 poorer, we felt it was worth it. After the meal (which surprisingly did not make me feel overstuffed) we walked around La Cantera. If you've never been there it is an upscale outdoor shopping mall and all the trees have white lights, comfortable chairs are scattered everywhere so you can cop a squat, Christmas music was playing and all the outdoor fountains were running. It was almost magical for us. It felt romantic and very Christmassy. It was such a wonderful date night and the cold just added to the heady vibe we had from our margaritas even though we had finished it off with coffee. Ahhh, another lovely weekend and Christmas is only 4 days away. I'm on vacation starting Wednesday and I can't wait to decompress with my baby and enjoy a quiet holiday. Life is good.


Saturday, December 19, 2009

Just checking in

Not much to cover because my brain is on vacation but if you're reading Bye Bye Pie, which I know you are, who isn't? All the cool kids are doing it. She wanted us all to do random acts of kindness and really shouldn't we be doing it all the time anyway? So this morning me and the Mr. went out for breakfast and paid for this elderly man eating breakfast alone and booked it out of there before anyone could tell him about it.

Before my parents moved away my mom gave me some of her clothes and one of them was a navy blue sweater that I wore yesterday. The sweater smells just like my mom...still. It made me miss her and wish we were spending the holidays with her. I called to let her know I received her box and she started crying and that made me miss her more. Oh the holidays do make one sentimental don't they? So I had to include a picture of my beautiful mom holding me as a baby. My mom is such a beauty.

I received my final grade for Principles of Macroeconomics and I got an A! This was just the boost of confidence I needed to make me feel like I made the right choice in going back to school. We'll see if I'm feeling that way next semester when I start school full time instead of part time while I continue to work full time. Fun times! Speaking of school here is a school pic of me in the 2nd grade. Can you tell which one I am? I have the goofiest look on my face with my blue daisy dress and pigtails. Ridiculous. Why am I making that face? Such fashionable clothes back then. Okay I have to make like a baby and head out. So much time and so little to do..strike that, reverse. Remember that line from Willy Wonka (minus the making like a baby part)??!


Monday, December 14, 2009

Does this cross make me look fat?

Last week was H's birthday and someone here got him this HUGE cross as a gift. This person has never read this blog or they would know H's struggles with being a gay catholic. So of course, me being the supportive, understanding friend that I am chose to make fun of him instead. His face as he opened it was priceless...sometimes there are no words.


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Just so you knows....

When I see you in the hall and I say "Hey, how ya doing?" it doesn't mean you should tell me all about your sinus problem, your back hurting AND your headache. It's really just more of a greeting. Especially for you, because you are always complaining about something. Haven't you noticed I just keep on walking after I have said it? You should just try saying good or okay because it must suck to be perpetually unhappy.

While it may be politically correct to say Happy Holidays, I will say Merry Christmas because that is what it is. You just need to deal with not believing in Baby Jesus because I along with most people here do. You don't have to, but you do have to deal with being surrounded by people who do. When the time comes I will be happy to wish you a Happy Hanukkah or Happy Kwanzaa or whatever you may celebrate but for now, Merry Christmas! ;-)


Sunday, December 6, 2009

It was 1970 something in the world that I grew up in.

On my way home from work I was listening to the radio and I heard the song 19 something by Mark Wills and started singing along. I love this song because I am a child of the 70's and it makes me happy. I started thinking back to the 70's and remember a few things about it like bell bottom pants and watching The Brady Bunch. Isn't it obvious by my attire I was a fan of The Brady Bunch?

And look who I married??

Yes, despite the glasses and that hair...this is the boy I married, who by the way is way cuter now and doesn't wear those tank tops anymore.

My family moved to Hawaii in 1976, where my dad was born and raised. The 1970's were a huge decade for me because my life really changed with that move. I was happier being surrounded by a huge loving family and who wouldn't want to go to the beach every day? I had longer hair, a flatter stomach and looked and felt like I belonged in Hawaii. I had so many cousins that I didn't need friends and it was fun. Then I realized I had so many cousins and I couldn't find a moment of alone time and that was hard to get used to.

Hard to believe that those little boys grew up to be this and are now married with their own children.

With 2010 right around the corner I am feeling somewhat nostalgic for the old days when life seemed simpler. I will always remember watching Charlies Angels and vowing to grow up and drive a Cobra because that was the cool car the angels drove - I just drive an SUV now, not quite as exciting. I remember my parents talking about Vietnam and now we are talking about Iraq and Afghanistan. I remember when Elvis died and being so sad and now it is Michael Jackson and understanding people's reactions. My mom has never liked New Years Eve, she always worries about the bad things it will bring. I always love it because I look forward to the good things it will bring. I hope I never lose that hope.


Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Fatsgiving!

I am too full of turkey and tamales to be creative and witty. I have finished my report on the Federal Reserve System and now have a test to study for on Monday. While studying is important, never underestimate the need for taking breaks. My break just happened to take me shopping where the only person I bought gifts for was myself. Thanks for the new clothes and shoes babe! Following my shopping was lunch with my husband, who was the only person in Texas to have to work today. It's almost two and I'm thinking this is a great time for a nap with my angel of a dog, Max. Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and I'm sorry I have nothing interesting or exciting to share with you. So enjoy the picture of my brother and sister in law playing Wii. Some of us were fairly imbibed and we all had a good time pretending we were athletes in the winter Olympics.

If they had tandem ski jumping in the Olympics, I'm fairly certain Rob and Missy wold qualify.


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

You ever fuck up?

Monkey Boy (H's partner) called me at work last week to tell me he was buying H a new car for his birthday. Big news, don't tell anyone! So I of course text the following message to my husband: OMG, MB is buying H a new car for his birthday!!! What the hell!!!

Only I accidently sent the message to H.

Monumental fuck up, no? Thank God it is all over and the deed has been done. I can't take this kind of pressure.


Monday, November 23, 2009

What holiday?

This just invited themselves to our "quiet" Thanksgiving. Staying with us for 4 days! All I wanted to do this year was stuff myself with tamales and sit around in my underwear between naps. The best laid plans....


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Principle#1 - K rocked out her first test, it's all downhill from here.

Okay, so who got an A on her Macroeconomics exam last night? WHO? I'm just going to leave you hanging 'cause that's how I roll. You know I just had to update my Facebook status to celebrate my first A and good 'old June Gardens had to comment "What are the principles of macroeconomics anyway?". I so envy her for freelancing now and getting to sleep in. Who doesn't want to sleep in when it is cold outside?

It was so cold this morning that when I woke up, Max was curled up in my legs. I had the hardest time getting untangled without waking him or Big Red up. Where did this ice age come from? I guess hell froze over because I made an A on my test.

You know the bad thing about doing so well on the first test, there is nowhere to go from here but down. Crap, what have I done?


Monday, November 16, 2009

I guess I have to accept the fact that my husband is now a runner.

It was a busy weekend filled with birthday parties, half marathons and two naps! Big Red ran his first half marathon and he did great, I could not be more proud of him. It was packed along the race course but it was still so much fun. Never mind we got downtown when it was still dark or walked our feet off. A good time was had by all and I would never miss an opportunity to cheer my hubby on. I'm glad he saw us at both mile markers and thank goodness for H's loud booming voice. Thousands of people but you can't miss hearing that voice!

H and Monkey Boy goofing around at the Alamo. I think H just wanted to punch someone. Oh the abuse.

Monkey Boy and I passing time while we were waiting for the runners to pass. It was 7 a.m., how much more energy do you want?!
Big Red and Little M with their finishing medals. I realize they really don't look anything alike but they are brother and sister. Really. I think. No, they are. They have the same mother. I may be biased, but my husband is a hottie, a running hottie.

The whole family at the finish line. I could not be any happier for my baby and his sister. They both did awesome! Rob followed the whole race on his bike, making sure his wife knew he was there for her. How lucky am I to belong to such a great family?

We were able to cheer Big Red on at mile 2 and mile 8 and then see him cross the finish line. We ended up taking a looong nap when we got home. It was a jam packed weekend but a very satisfying one. My husband is already gearing up for a duathlon and talking about doing a full marathon next year. H said it best when he said "Face it, your husband is now a runner". Today I get the results for my first macroeconomics test and I hope I did well. If I don't get a good grade for this first class I will lose all my confidence in my decision to return to school. Not good. Not an option. Not possible.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Who? What? Where? When?

Please allow me to clarify...

H is a boy...likes lesbians, trannies, and shoes.

K is a boys, food, and shoes.

This is my favorite picture of us...K making H cry. One of my many hobbies.

I know it's confusing having two of us write this blog, but H doesn't write that often. He likes to guest post when he has somthing to say. Hence the name, Kugo ---- combination of our two names. Glad we got that cleared up.

K -----> the girl

Monday, November 9, 2009

My biggest regret...

There are two things that I have wanted most in the world. Anyone who knows me knows what they are. I talk about these two things often and they have eluded me for many years. Granted, I really haven't done anything to reach my goals but still people, I want them!

No, it's not world peace or world peas. It is not a cure for horrible diseases. It's not for gay R to find true love or for fast Eddie to finally come out. Maybe if fast Eddie came out, gay R would find true love. Anyway, I want to be friends with a tranny and a lesbian. Not in one person but two different people.

I used to live with a great lipstick lesbian (friend from high school) but I hated her gross, manly girlfriend. We drifted apart after she moved out and I haven't seen her in years. I have never lived with a tranny but that would have been soooo much fun.

This weekend we went shopping at Nordstrom Rack and met the two coolest lesbians. Monkey R was shopping for black boots and so was one of the lesbians. She was an attractive, Rachel Maddow type. She had a great smile and cool short gray hair. We kept swapping boots with them and helping them with boot choices. We laughed about ugly boots and talked about what jeans to wear with what boots.

We saw them several times throughout the store and talked to them each time. On the way out we finished paying right before they did. As we passed them they said good bye and asked us where we were going next. I responed with, "we are headed home, we have been out all day". We laughed and said good bye again and we walked out. What the hell?! What kind of a response was that?! I think they may have been asking us out for a drink or for more shopping advice. I panicked, I'm rusty with picking up people at stores. It has been years since I have picked up strangers.

Once I got back to the car I felt like I had missed a big opportunity. We circled around several times but didn't find them. I have wanted a cool lesbian and I totally missed my chance. I cannot stop thinking about them and the possibilities. Ohh lesbian, where are you?! Maybe I need to place a "chance meeting" ad in The Current. Yeah, that's what I'll do!


Where does the time go? No seriously, where does it go?

Let me start of by telling you what we had planned this weekend. We actually did go out on Saturday to a workshop at the Apple store. We learned all these cool little features about our mac that I may or may not find useful. The guy at the genius bar finally fixed my e- mail problem and also helped us solve our wireless printer issue, he really was a genius. Then we headed off to shop for Big Red. He has a business trip in Vegas (business in Vegas is really pushing it, don't you think?) and he has dropped some major poundage since he started running. We had to get him a business casual wardrobe and it was actually quite fun. He looked majorly hot! Sucks that he is wearing all these clothes for the first time without me because I have to stay behind for school :-(. Shoes were a little harder, he has huge banana boat feet and he can be hard to fit. After a little texting with H (the gays always know good shoes), we were steered in the right direction and found him 3 pairs of shoes! I only bought one pair for myself and I wore them for the first time yesterday and stepped in poop. Great.

We had all these fun plans on Sunday to go to New Braunfels for Wurstfest - sausage on a stick, funnel cake, caramel apples, roasted corn - we got dressed, printed out maps and even checked the weather channel. Thunderstorms in the afternoon, we can beat the rain, it's only 10 a.m. Opened the front door and like a cartoon the rain fell out of the sky like a hurricane a coming. Lightning and thunder for added effect...nice. All dressed up and no place to go. Wouldn't you know it was the last day for Wurstfest and we missed it. As soon as the rain eased up a bit we went grocery shopping and rented movies so we could snuggle under a blanket while it stormed outside. It turned out to be quite the relaxing day but a little bummed we couldn't go hang with the Germans and their beer and sausage.

I decided to do a before and after in pictures. H is thinner and Little Gay R looks unhappier. Breakups suck.

It's a wonder I get any work done, having to be the company photographer all day.


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Oh no, the horror...

It has been nearly two weeks since I went through the change. I finally did it! I still cannot believe that I had the courage to do. I never thought I would do it. I can finally say that I am much happier living my life this way now. I really don't care what my family, friends or co-workers think about it.

Most have been supportive and have offered words of encouragement. Some people broke down in tears when they first saw me. They stared at me with their mouths hanging wide open. One person covered her mouth and shook her head while she mumbled, "no, no, no, I can't believe it." One person stared at me and began to cry, she gingerly hugged me and then walked away.

I was even pulled into an office to be lectured to not go out and cheat on Monkey R. Apparently this change, in their eyes, will lead me to become a slut and sleep around. What the fuck is wrong with these people?!

Who would have thought that finally deciding that I had lost enough weight to tuck my shirt in would cause such reactions. Get a grip people, it's not like I had a sex change!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Do not expect me to keep your murderous secrets, I just can't do it.

One guess on who is in love with not just her new Mac but herself? It's like I'm having an affair and can't wait to come home to my precious. Husband? What husband? I am now married to my Mac. Mac and K, it's better than mac and cheese. Perhaps I should have picked a better background than our home office with the big old treadmill in the back but this is where I be. Enough about my mac, let's talk about me and my lunch hour (loosely called an hour).

Our topic for today was which would be the worst way to die and if you knew someone you loved killed someone, would you tell. I can't really begin to tell you how disturbing the conversation got but let's just say I work with some pretty sick people. I only color within the lines people, which means I go by the book so I would turn your ass in if I knew. I'd give you 24 hours to turn yourself in or leave the country, but I would go to the police if I knew. Sorry, we must maintain order or end in chaos, that's just the way I feel. I can't possibly sleep at night knowing that I did nothing! What do you expect from anal Annie??!!

Let me just say that I would not mess with the women I work with, they will cut you and not bat an eyelash. I learned that one would not just kill you if you messed with her kids but she would also torture you slowly and painfully. Another will wrap your dead body in ham and throw you in an alligator pit to quickly dispose of all traces of you. Is it any wonder her favorite show is Dexter? We have the most bizarre conversations at lunch and I think tomorrow I will only talk about happy things like rainbows and new shoes. I will also watch my back from here on out.


Oh what a tangled web we weave

Have you ever found out something about someone that makes you look at them in a different light? One of my co-workers has been going on and on about some nonsensical lie and pointing out to everyone who will listen what she did. I recently found evidence that she had a little medical help with her problem. Interesting how she didn't tell anyone that part of the story. She has point blank lied to everyone in the face and now I find her just a little sad. H and I think she has issues with self-esteem and craves attention because of it. Whatever gets you though the day. We haven't shared this information with anyone because it really is none of our business but I do wish she would stop talking about it now.


Monday, November 2, 2009

Big Red, Max and my pink MAC...the things I love.

Who do you think finally got their laptop and couldn't wait to play with the photo booth feature all night?? I freaking love this thing and my husband and I were complete idiots with it. We went to the Apple store on Saturday and ending up leaving with a laptop, wireless printer (free), a magic mouse, and no regrets. We immediately walked over to Orange Cup and opened her up and started playing. It's official, I am a MAC convert.

We had a perfectly lovely weekend with brilliant weather. Why can't we have cold crisp days with blue skies every day? I wish I could take this weekend, rewind it and play it over and over again. Okay, maybe without the kids ringing my doorbell asking for candy.


Friday, October 30, 2009

Oh the highs and the lows

So my husband came home yesterday from his first day at his new job and we went out to dinner to celebrate. We had the most delicious pumpkin cheesecake I ever did taste, so light and fluffy. I wanted to marry it. Anyway, he has his first business trip scheduled for next month already and it is in Vegas. My first thought was "Yeah! I love Vegas, it will be great!" Than he told me it is scheduled for Monday through Wednesday...while I am in school. Damn. If it were anything else, I would probably blow it off, but not school. I'm paying a lot of money for this and I really enjoy my Principles of Macroeconomics class. Losing these two days is not an option for me. Who would have thought I would enjoy spending two hours in a class where we discuss health care reform, the economy and Karl Marx? But I do.

I do have to say that before school started I already had some OCD tendencies and they have manifested to a higher level. I am anxiety ridden on writing a paper. I do my research (too much), pick a story (change my mind) and write the paper (several times). What the hell? The first story was too long. The second story wasn't complete enough. The third story is too simple. I made my husband check it for me, then on the day it was due I wrote a completely different paper. I made H check it for me, printed it and went home and made my husband check this one too. Changes, changes, I can't just write something and leave it, I obsess. It was a half page report that only took me 7 minutes to informally present to the class, on new laws to extend unemployment benefits. Geesh, if I keep this up I will never get homework done in the future. Sometimes I don't mind being all anal like this, especially at work, it helps me get things done. Sometimes, I hate it because I never feel like something is complete, I can always change it. This is why my blog entries are so damn long! Okay, I'm done, I'm out.


Monday, October 26, 2009

Many secrets to shred

When my parents so rudely abandoned me to move to Idaho, they left us many gifts. One was a big box of old documents to shred for them, since they didn't have the time. I worked overtime this weekend finally getting around to doing just that and I had both shredders going. My mom holds on to everything! There were old credit cards they never activated, old bank accounts long ago closed, and copies of things from 1995 that really..why?? As I moved swiftly through my shredding craze, I came upon a brittle old legal document that was stuck between folders. I opened it up carefully and I was like "WHAT??!!" For a moment I was Fred Sanford from Sanford and Son with my hand on my chest, thinking "This is it Elizabeth, this is the big one!". It was dated 1945 and it was a divorce decree for my Texas grandparents. The same two grandparents who are now buried right next to each other because that is what you do with old married couples, right?

All this time, they weren't even married!! You better believe I picked up that phone and called my mom to ask her about it. She fessed up and said she was only 5 when they got divorced and they never bothered to get remarried, so they decided to live together. How progressive for 1945! When I was just 16 years old, my grandmother advised me to live with a man before I married him because according to my grandmother "the way a man brushes his teeth could drive you over the edge, mija". Maybe my grandfathers brushing habits were the reason for the divorce, I don't know. No wonder she gave me that advice, she was doing it herself.

Oh, the scandal. I always thought my grandmother was a very independent woman and now I know where she got it from. I obviously didn't shred that divorce decree and am sending it to my mom along with a note asking if there are any more family secrets she is keeping from me. I am going to visit my grandparents grave this weekend with a whole new perspective on them both, they were way ahead of their time.

Lastly, a moment of silence for Little Gay R's relationship. It went belly up this weekend and though he can't see it yet, he will be just fine. He has a lot of friends to support him and we've all been there, haven't we? The sucky period where it feels like you will never be happy again and you second guess every move and conversation. You wallow in sad love songs and oh, the tears that could fill an ocean. He just needs to get past this bad part and he will be much happier. Easier said than done.


Friday, October 23, 2009

Nani Maka

I saw this post secret and was reminded of being in this position just 4 short months ago. Making the decision to let go of Nani was so hard but I'm glad we stayed with her. As hard as it was to watch, it is somewhat comforting knowing we held her and loved her up until the end and she didn't have to go alone. Maybe she never knew the difference, but we did.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I am not a racist!

I have now lost 47 lbs and a lot of my old clothes don’t fit me. Most of my “skinny clothes” also don’t fit me. I went shopping for pants but had a really hard time with the length. Usually I purchase 30 as the length but this time I bought 32 because the 30 seemed too short. Maybe I am getting taller! Actually Fast Eddie sort of measured me and found out that I may only be 5’10’ instead of 5’11” like I thought I was. I will ask my doc to measure me next time I am there.

Anyway, I bought 6 new pants a couple of weeks ago when I was in Austin. I have worn two of the jeans even though they were a bit long. I decided this week that I really needed to get them altered. What is up with all of the alteration shops in SA? They are all owned and operated by Asians. I have nothing against Asians but what the hell! I have been to three different places in this city and they all smelled the same, decorated the same and they were all rude to me. “Go there, put on!” “Get up there!” “Get down” “Take off!”

It actually smelled like an Indian restaurant in the shop I went in to yesterday.

Why they hell are they so expensive too? I left there spending $65 and I won’t get them until next Tuesday!! I have like 4 pants to wear for the next 7 days.

I have also developed a fear of tucking in my shirt. I used always tuck in my shirt! When I was at the gym was the only time my shirt wasn’t tucked in. I would even tuck in t-shirts with the soft work out short if I went to ther store. I hated being untucked then I got fat and didn’t feel comfortable tucking. I am a mess.

Let this be a lesson to all you fatties…losing weight creates other problems.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hair today, gone tomorrow.

I realize we are in a recession right now but did I forget to mention that I recently got a $140 haircut and highlights? I have never paid that much for anything to do with my hair before. I've always been a Fantastic Sams/Super Cuts kind of girl and have never been happy with my hair. But Sebastian...oh Sebastian, magical keeper of hair secrets, now I get why people pay so much. I can actually get up the next morning and just brush it and it looks great. Why has no one ever told me these hair whisperers exist? I have never had highlights in my life, just dark color out of a box. Apparently, I've been doing it wrong for years. Who knew light was the way to go? But now that I have tasted the forbidden fruit, I must have it every 7 weeks.

You see, I don't have the easiest hair to manage, or that much of it to play around with. It has been thinning for years and Sebastian waved his magic wand and tada! It's not even about how it looks so much now, its the fact that it just feels so much better. Thank goodness my husband didn't blow a gasket when I told him how much it was. He knows that if I'm happy, he's happy. Smart man.


Sunday, October 18, 2009

I have a dilemma

Mac or PC? I know, riveting stuff. I've been a PC girl all my life but I went to the Apple store (big mistake) and fell in love with a MAC. All the stuff it can do and how it feels. I really need one for school and I also found out I can get a discount with my school ID. Macs are pricier that's for sure but the 7 hour battery life...what to do, what to do. Too busy mulling it over to write more.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I think my sparkly red shoes are out of order because this just isn't home.

Tonight I feel very melancholy. We went to my parents house to pick up some stuff they left behind. It was very big and empty and it's always been full of good smells and conversation. Max enjoyed running all over the hard wood floors and sliding in a big and empty space. He wasn't usually allowed to be in there for too long because he was just too hyper to stay in their house. Standing in that house, for possibly the last time, I remembered all the times I had been there. I have been in and out of that house since I was 19 years old and my grandparents lived there.

When I moved away from home for the very first time after school, it was to that house. I spent the first Christmas, after my grandmother died, in that house with my lost grandfather and sad mother. When my parents moved in, after both my grandparents were gone, that house was full of Hawaii family that visited us in Texas. When my husband and I got married and moved to Texas, this was the first house we lived in before buying our own. Every single holiday that Big Red and I have spent here in Texas has been celebrated in that house with my parents. That house has been a part of my life for over 25 years and the thought of strangers renting it out and not knowing all of this made me sad.

I know it sounds ridiculous to shed tears over something like this, but there you have it. In the back of my mind I keep thinking after one winter in Idaho, they will be back. This is why they rented it out instead of selling it, right? Lord, let it be a cold Christmas in Boise because I miss my mommy and daddy.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Life goes on...

It's Tuesday and I am back at work, where I belong. Being off can be dangerous because we go shopping and out to eat too much. After my parents drove off and abandoned me Saturday, I was pretty down for most of the day. Big Red had to go off to work so Max and I crawled back in to bed and slept.

Sunday dawned rainy and cold, I loved it. We had planned to go to the Botanical gardens but it was so ugly outside we decided to go to a movie instead. We drove away from home and it started raining even harder so we went to McDonald's and bought coffee and cookies and went home instead. Good thing we did because look what greeted us.

Yep, that's right, Max. He had knocked over the laundry basket blocking the doggy door and figured out how to open said doggy door and wiggle out. I would say he is too smart for his own good but while he could figure out how to get out, he could not figure out how to get back in and was locked out in the rain and mud. Big Red had to pick him up and carry him to the tub where he promptly got a bath. Good thing we came home.

We ended up renting movies and since it was so cold outside I bought one of these too.

Laugh if you must but I am a Snuggie convert. We laugh at the stupid infomercials but I'll be damned if the damn thing didn't keep me warm and let me eat popcorn at the same time. Red and I took pictures of me using the phone, reading a book,etc... all the things they do in the commercials. We laughed but I stayed warm. Don't you just love how I blend right in to my couch?

We ended up trying to go out again that night but the line for Paranormal Activity was so long we went out to dinner instead. We were finally able to go see the movie on Monday morning and I wasn't as impressed as I thought I would be. Big Red got sick and had to leave the theatre, he doesn't like hand held camera work like the Blair Witch Project. It wasn't really worth it but we only paid $5 so we didn't feel so bad. Too much hype maybe. We also tried a new breakfast place, Einstein Bros. Bagels. Damn good coffee and delicious bagels. Go try it!

My parents are great and laughing it up in Vegas as we speak, I've talked to them twice and miss them but they are having a good time. Meanwhile, back in Texas life goes on and I go along with it. Back to the grind, wish I had some of the Vanilla Hazelnut coffee from Einstein Bros. right now. Still raining, do you ever wish for something and then regret it?


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Bluer than blue

That was then...
This is now...

I just watched my parents tail lights drive on down the road, without me. They moved away today and I am feeling so down. I think I have been in denial about their move until today. Yesterday my dad called me at work to ask me if I wanted ketchup. Ketchup? Yes, ketchup, they were cleaning out their fridge. I could hear my mom in the background yelling "Ask her if she wants the olives too". He called me back later to ask me if I wanted their steak knives. My parents are a regular comedy duo, those two.

They spent their last night at our house and we had a good dinner and sat around the table and talked. I miss them so much already. As soon as I saw the tears in my moms eyes this morning, I knew it was going to be a rough goodbye. I'm quite sure Big Red and I will be visiting them quite often but just the fact that they won't be five minutes down the street anymore is agonizing. As much as I complained about the little stuff, and as happy as I am that they are moving closer to my baby brother, a small part of me is selfish and wish they had stayed.

These upcoming holidays will either suck or be wonderfully different. I've grown up having so much family around me all the time and now it will just be the two of us. I hope Big Red is ready for all me, all the time. I think I hear him rolling his eyes already.


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Just because your phone has a camera, it doesn't mean you should use it for that!

This morning a visitor turned in a cell phone he found outside our building. Little Gay R, being our front desk coordinator, shows us (Kugo) the phone. Now in order to find out who it belongs to, we had to look at the numbers, pictures, text messages and lo and behold...there it is. WHAT? Nudity, she whispers. Woke me up faster than a cup of coffee. You better believe the two gay guys grabbed that phone out of my hot little hands so fast I almost got whiplash. Not only is there nudity but there are some rather explicit text messages. I supposed we expected this considering right across the street is a seedy little gay bar.

So we text the creative little naked author and tell him we found this phone and ask him if he knows who it belongs to. He does and he is coming by later to pick the phone up, for his friend. Do you think the three of us will wait at the front desk to see him when he comes in? You betcha. After all, we've already seen him naked, why not see what he looks like with clothes on?

Don't put things on your phone you wouldn't want strangers to see. Lesson learned, people. I have to go find reasons to hang out at the front desk now.


Monday, October 5, 2009

Oh yeah, we forgot to pay you...

Our payroll company forgot to send a paycheck to our facilities lady today. FORGOT. The same lady we call 'Chicken Little' because as far as she is concerned, the sky is falling for every little thing. Don't think she didn't just walk in, while I am in the middle of a meeting, to tell me she did not get a paycheck. She did. Monday's kind of suck, don't they?

Friday, October 2, 2009

Maybe this positive energy stuff actually works.

You ever forget how blessed you truly are? I do, until something wonderful happens to remind me. Yesterday, something fell in to our lap that will make our lives so much easier and I am so thankful for it. Can I also just tell you that my husband is a brilliant and hard working man that I am lucky to have. I always told him I saw potential in him, even if he didn't. To top it all off, it's Friday. What a great way to end a long week, I knew this week had to end on a high note.


Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What a beautiful day...if I put it out there it will come, right?

I just updated my Facebook status to "I am determined to get through this day with a smile". I'm not sure I can live up to it, but I'm going to try. My parents moved their departure date up to next week and my finance assistant just called out for the rest of the week. How's that smile now?

I am sitting here, hoping for only positive energy today. I fully realize I control how my day goes. As H once told me, the only thing I can control is my attitude and my reaction towards other peoples attitudes. I will certainly be testing that theory today. What if today is like the best day ever?! Side note: My parents are having a garage sale this weekend, my first ever, I hope it's fun and they sell everything.


Monday, September 28, 2009

Reason #691 why I should stop drinking coffee.

Our receptionist is out today, so no coffee. I'm glad it's almost Halloween because I feel like a zombie. Why won't one of us here learn how to make coffee? Lazy asses. Yes, I'm including myself in this. Oh the horror of no coffee. I never noticed it before, but everyone is really ugly without coffee.


I don't like being stared at.

When we had our Wii party, everyone there created their own little character (Mii’s) so they could play the games. These characters live on in our Wii console. Now every time Big Red and I play, these characters are interacting with our characters. They are in the background playing or watching us play and you know what? Sometimes it’s a little creepy. It almost feels like they are stalking us. When they were just random Mii’s it was different, but now I know their names so it’s personal. I even found myself yelling at one of them because he kept staring at me. Psycho much?