Friday, April 30, 2010

No one is happier than me that it is Friday.

I am over my mood from yesterday and I decided the best thing I can for myself is let it go. Sometimes is best just not to care about someone or something, so that is where I am at today. It may change but for today, no drama. Moving on...we have decided to jump in to our home makeover starting today. Our house really needs painting! We have picked the colors and instead of hiring someone else to do it, we are going to do it. I know, comedy right? We have decided to start small with the shutters, and trim and move on to the big stuff after all that. We are going to buy our paint and "try out" the colors, hope this works.

In good news, my parents are coming to visit! I have really missed them and they have decided to come see us in May. Not only do I need some time away from work, but I'm excited about spending time with them. May is a busy month, my in-laws are coming for a weekend, my parents are coming, Big Red is going to Florida and my two new classes are starting. TGIF - Here is to ending this week on a high note!


Thursday, April 29, 2010

You know what I rather be doing than be here at work?

Sitting at home singing at the top of my lungs to "One More Bell to Answer" the Glee version, while I smoke my fake cigarette and drink my water martini, and plan my early retirement. Is that too much to ask for? Shit.


No, I want to waste more time doing things that aren't my job, please.

You ever have a craptastic day due to someone else? I have very little patience today for an endless series of mistakes that makes my job harder. I'm now in a mood and it's probably not the best time to post either, huh? Yeah.


Monday, April 26, 2010

I like meat and that is not a metaphor

Sometimes when I try a new restaurant I like to tell you about it that way if it is good, you can go check it out. Sometimes, it's not so good and I tell you so you can go judge for yourself. Well one of our favorite places to go is a good steak house. If you have steak in the name of your restaurant than you better deliver. Last Friday we closed our office at noon because Fiesta was in full swing and a huge parade was starting right down the street. I figure my hubby and I can go try this new place, Longhorn Steakhouse. It's brand new and it was our first visit, so we head out on a Friday thinking no lines, fast service. Right. We get there and it's a 20 minute wait unless we want to eat in the bar, no problem, I'm thirsty and starving so show me the way. We order our drinks and an appetizer - The Tonion - deep friend onion petals. She brings our appetizer and still no drinks...15 minutes later, still no drinks, another 15 minutes later, still no drinks. What the hell? How am I supposed to eat a salty appetizer without a drink, not to mention eating bread with nothing to wash it down with. The manager comes out and tells us the bartender is very busy and he will make the drinks himself while he apologizes for the wait. We have not seen the bartender make one drink the entire time we are sitting there and 15 minutes later, you got it, still no drink.

He finally brings our drinks and says the appetizers and drinks are on the house, well I should think so. He takes our order and promises our steak will be done fast and right. What do you think happened? No fast and no right, my husband had to switch with me 'cause it was still mooing. This is the most bland plate you have ever seen...fries and a steak people, that's it. $15 for a ribeye and not even a garnishment, not exactly impressive on presentation. I can say the steak was pretty juicy and tasty and the fries were...fries. While our waitress was very young, cute and sweet she never offered us more bread or asked us if we wanted another drink. The manager finally came back and asked me how everything was so I had to be honest with him. Not his finest moment and I probably would not come back. I told him it didn't start off too well and how do you make a mistake on medium well vs. medium, you're a steak house?? He was apologetic and comped us the entire meal. He gave us his card and asked us to please come back and ask for him and he would show how good they really are. Oh Aramis, you were a very kind manager but first impressions are everything and since this is Texas I really expected a better showing for steaks. I can go to Outback or Texas Land and Cattle and my all time favorite, Saltgrass (where they never get it wrong and they at least bring you water while you are waiting).

They seriously need better steak knives because even though the steak was tender, it was hard to cut with those kiddie knives by Mattel. So a $50 free meal was good, but the disappointment lingers. Oh yeah, too salty margaritas, my pucker lasted a while. Aramis may be a good manager but not so good as a bartender. A for effort, dude. The appetizer was tasty and the atmosphere is very hunting lodge so it fits. All in all, not sure we would give it another try but we may...if the other steak houses are closed.


The post that almost was

Okay, I had the busiest weekend and want to tell you all about getting out early on Friday for Battle of Flowers. Fiesta was in full swing this weekend and this town virtually shuts everything except the party down. We also got a free steak lunch, worked at an autism walk, went shopping and had a dance lesson. I can't remember the last time I slept so soundly after all this. So much to tell you but busy, busy, busy so I will write something tomorrow. Happy Monday!


Monday, April 19, 2010

Remember that time I turned in to an old southern lady?

Well I do declare, I am getting the vapors. I'm all in a dither with this soggy weather, my goodness. What else do old southern women say? I am trying to channel Steel Magnolia's but nothing is coming to me but "my two colors are blush and bashful". I saw this headband and knew I had to try it on for shits and giggles and I almost bought it. Just to make H laugh I was going to buy him a matching one so we could take another picture for our blog header. This is the most asanine thing I have ever seen, but it would be hilarious to walk around with it on. This store is awesome if you have an outfit and are looking to get matching accessories. They have everything grouped together by color, even shoes. Who does that? Charming Charlies, that's who. Hope you had a great weekend!


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Because my husband loves me this is what he gave me last night

Sugar free vanilla ice cream drizzled with sugar free chocolate syrup and topped with pecans. All is right in the world.


Friday, April 16, 2010

Meteor Madness: Space fireball lights up night sky in Wisconsin

Aliens people, I knew it all along. I posted something about what to do in case of an alien invasion almost a year ago. Don't say I didn't warn you! Alien invasion directions right here. I hate being right, but it was nice knowing you. ;-P


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Why I lost my appetite today

If your toes look like squished baby carrots when you wear high heeled sandals and they are sticking out at all these odd angles, maybe your shoes are too tight? Just a thought, do with it what you will.


Monday, April 12, 2010

Proof that my dependence on technology grows

It's a Monday morning and I have forgotten my phone at home...again. I feel naked and totally unprepared for the day. How is it that a phone can make you feel this way? Why can't they make an application that helps me remember my phone? Damn you, Apple. You ruined my life!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

My happy place

Ever since I can remember I have always had a happy place. A place I mentally go to when I am stressed, anxiety ridden, scared, worried or just plain can't fall asleep. I don't go very often but when I do, I don't mind sharing with my hubby. I take him with me when he can't sleep either. It relaxes me to visual this place and how safe and secure I feel in it. I tried to describe it and words just don't do it justice so I searched for pictures that sort of capture it. I actually have two happy places and they vary depending on the situation.
The first place involves rolling green hills and a green valley. The open space and sunshine makes me feel very open and free. I love blue skies and fluffy white clouds.
There is always a clear stream with trees right next to me because the running water makes me forget my problems. I think the water may represent the cleansing of all negative thoughts and it's quite soothing.

My other happy place is a beach with palm trees, maybe because it reminds me of home and that makes me feel safe.
The sound of the waves rolling up on the shore and the wind rustling through the palm trees relaxes me instantly. It just takes my mind away for a little while.

There is always a bed in each of my happy places and its always a big canopy bed with lots of pillows. Funny enough, my bed at home is the first place I head when I am feeling out of sorts. Bed always feels like such a welcoming place to me.

I don't even like canopy beds that much but in my happy place it sort of forms a protective covering for us. I say us, because I am never alone in my happy place, Big Red and Max are always with me. We are all snuggled up with pillows all around us and don't have a care in the world and we sleep the sleep of angels. Maybe this is why we sleep with one of those nature noise radios in our bedroom. It is usually waves or rain, both of those sounds help me to sleep better.

I haven't had to visit my happy places lately but it's always reassuring to know that it is there whenever I need it. Imagination is a wonderful thing. Hope you have beautiful happy places too.


Saturday, April 10, 2010

The adventures of runner girl and safari lady

Today was a good day. Saturday's usually are though. We drove up to Austin to see our niece do her very first marathon, who would have thought a 3 year old could run 26 miles?! I kid, it was only half a mile and it was fun to watch. My brother in law ran with her and she had so much fun, when it was over she wanted to keep on they did. I totally love how the sticker on her back says "run like a girl". The junior marathon was at a park right next to Lady Bird Lake and the rowers from UT were already out doing their laps. I bet this is really good exercise.

After it was over we decided to drive through the Wildlife Safari Park because I love me some smelly animals that like to be fed by hand out my car window. There were deer, ostriches, buffalo, zebras, goats and other fascinating creatures that walked right up to our car. I'm not very fond of the ostrich because they can be quite aggressive and stick their head right in your car window so I kept my window up when they were around.

Hello baby goat, would you like to come home with me?

This guy made a real ass of himself. Get it...ass? Never mind.

The zebras were so beautiful but this one kept stalking me. See evidence below.

He kept following the truck and waiting for more food, it felt like a scene out of The Godfather. I thought his whole family was going to rush our truck. We ended the day by taking pictures of all the bluebonnets growing on the side of the road. They were everywhere, it was like a sea of blue wherever you looked. Don't you just love spring?

Did you know bluebonnets are the Texas state flower? Now you do, you're welcome.

It was the kind of day that just makes you smile. Note to Big Red, to quote one of our favorite movies, "If I forget to tell you later...I had a good time." Hope you had a great weekend too!


Friday, April 9, 2010

When I saw our blog picture, it occurred to me that I still have the shirt in the picture. In fact, I just wore it yesterday. Is it bad that I have clothes from 5 years ago? I just cleaned out my closet and got rid of two bags of clothes but there are some things I just can't throw away, no matter how long it has been since I have worn it. It may be because I have memories of good times in a certain outfit or just because something was just so expensive I can't bear to get rid of it.

These are things I pondered on this week at work:

  • Why are Stella's pants so short? They only come down right above her ankles so are they too short for pants or too long for capri's? Strange.

  • Why do all the haole women in this office say "Do what?" when they don't hear what you said? I usually say 'what' or 'excuse me' or 'sorry?' But 'do what' is just weird, what does it mean?

  • Why do so many people here think it's okay to complain about something so insignificant and expect other people to do something about it? This is a workplace not your home, someone else is in control...just go with the flow, this is why you get paid to be here.

  • Next month I make 10 years at my job and this officially makes this the longest employment at one place I have ever had. My vacation also goes up to 4 weeks, yay!

This has been a long but good week since our finance assistant is back at work. It feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and that's a good thing. Since it's Friday, this makes the week even better. Happy Friday!


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A girl can only tolerate so much...

Many moons ago I had this boyfriend, let's call him Miles. He was pretty funny, drove a big ass truck and had these beautiful pits bulls that adored me (the love was returned). Any guy who loved dogs was high on my radar. We dated for probably longer than we should have but he was an auto mechanic and do you know how helpful that is? He laughed at all my fathers jokes so my parents liked him well enough. He had his issues, one big one. One morning about 2 a.m. my baby brother called me to tell me his car had been towed and he was stranded in Waikiki (over an hour away). Of course Miles and I got up and drove to Waikiki to go get him and his car, only to discover when we got there that it would cost around $600 cash to get my brothers car out of jail. Who the hell has $600 cash at 2 a.m.?

Miles walks up to the window and takes this wad of cash out of his pocket and peels off $600 to get my brothers car out. WTF? My brother is thinking Miles is awesome and has all this money to blow and how cool is all that. While I was thankful, I wasn't really happy about the whole situation. You know who has a wad of cash in their pocket all the time? DRUG DEALERS! Yep, Miles was selling pot. I knew his beeper went off at all hours, all the time (I told you this was MANY moons ago) but drugs? Okay, I still didn't really have issues with the whole pot thing because I grew up in Hawaii...marijuana nirvana, but selling?! I really started caring when my brother started looking up to Miles, not cool. That was pretty much the end of the pot selling mechanic, but not before I had him change my brakes. I may have been slow to catch on, but I wasn't stupid. ;-)

The funny thing is I can't even remember Miles last name. Is that odd when you look back on your life and you can't remember the last name of some of your relationships? I mean, I was 30 and am now in my 40's so should I really be forgetting this stuff already? It's not even that I want to remember him but the fact that I no longer have a great memory annoys me. Is memory the first thing to go? Trust me, there are some relationship that aren't worth remembering, this was probably one of them. Maybe this is why we keep journals, we know we will forget stuff that isn't worth remembering anyway.