Saturday, July 31, 2010

Welcome Home Kona

Went to the Pet Expo today and came home with a little something besides treats. Animal Care Services was there and who couldn't resist getting a baby brother for Max? We have been looking for weeks and pound puppies fates are never good, we just had to bring him home. Now we have two furry little boys, Max and Kona.


Friday, July 30, 2010

No clever title here.

My husband is awesome, he really is. He is funny, sweet, handsome and so smart. I fully realize all the good things about him and that is why it is with some difficulty that I point out this one pet peeve I have with him. Let me preface this with my hubby does laundry, vacuums, cooks and a lot of things most men don't do around the house. The one thing he doesn't do is dishes. I know this about him and most of the time I am actually okay with it, he cooks fabulous meals so the least I can do is the dishes. However, when he comes home from work he rinses his Tupperware and leaves it in the sink. Okay...the dishwasher is right next to the sink. Please see exhibit A below.

Exhibit A: Dishwasher to the left, sink to the right. How convenient!

It wouldn't take much more effort to rinse the dish and put it in the dishwasher, no? I do it. I fully realize this sounds like I am nitpicking and who am I kidding, I am. It just bugs me and I have a right to vent, right? Okay, I'm done with it, I'll get over it now. Or will I?


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wait a second...just how long have I had this shirt?!

As I was browsing through pictures here at work, to my horror, this is what I discovered. The shirt I am wearing in my blog picture has been around the block a few times. Are you picking up what I'm putting down? The shirt is a slut. It is now tainted and must be destroyed. You would think I have no other clothes in my closet! No wonder people think I don't age, I'm always wearing the same thing so there is never any comparison!!!
This is the shirt that just won't die.

2010 Current Facebook profile picture...same blue shirt.
2009 United Way Event...same blue shirt.

2007 United Way Event...same blue shirt.

2006 on vacation in Hawaii...same blue shirt.

2005 Luncheon...same shirt but in pink.

Humiliated but okay with it.


Welcome to my twisted mind

Just some things off the top of my head:

  • Why do homeless people talk to themselves and what do they say?
  • Overheard at Central Market when two girls were looking for something to eat: (Said in your best valley girl accent) Girl 1: Do they still have fries here? Girl 2: Hell yeah! This is still America!
  • My husband won't let me get one of those margarita machines for home use because according to him "I'll come home every day and you'll be drunk...wait, maybe I should get you one, but no, you'll become an alcoholic".
  • My burning desire to move back to Seattle is stronger than ever. We just refinanced our current home so it wouldn't make any sense to move now but that doesn't take away the longing.
  • That new song by Sugarland "Stuck like glue" is stuck like glue in my head and I can't stop singing it. Don't you love/hate that?
  • I bought my husband a new road bike with a refund check instead of buying myself an Ipad. Is that stupidity or love? (repeat mantra: It is better to give then receive)
  • I found out a secret about a friend and it has changed the way I view this friend. I can't help it, it bothers me. Not judging, just changing my perspective on this friendship.
  • Was so engrossed in those twilight books that I am glad I'm done reading them. They took up all my free time!
  • I laughed so much yesterday at work that I'm actually glad I came back...because I didn't want to.


Saturday, July 24, 2010

I like suspending belief for a while

Maybe I'm just not smart enough but I am just going to say it. I didn't really like the movie Inception. It was a lot to take in and I lost interest by the end of the movie. I actually started looking up the ending of the movie on my phone because after two hours, I wanted it to be over. I walked out of there with a headache and nothing to show for it.

Now Salt, I loved. It was easy to follow and action packed. I could get behind some ass kicking chick. Two movies in two days, a very successful weekend. Oh yeah, I also squeezed a nap in today after shopping and a delicious lunch at a new place in town. It just doesn't get any better than that. I take my blessings where I can get them, don't judge.


Saturday, July 17, 2010

I've known for a week and I haven't told anyone except my husband. There are some things I'm not ready to share with the outside world. Sometimes there are just no words. I go back and forth between sadness and hope but I'm never quite okay with either one of those things. Comfortably numb would be acceptable, maybe even prudent.

For the most part I just feel blue and helpless. I don't like wallowing in it but every time I feel happy it seeps back in to remind me, like a stain I can't get rid of. I wish we could all start over again but life isn't a dress rehearsal. There is always a silver lining...just not sure what that is yet. Thinking it is time for me to go tuck myself into my husbands arms again, life always feels better in those strong arms.