Tuesday, June 2, 2009

How do I choose?

Obligatory random picture of Little Gay R and I at lunch, goofing as usual. H is quite the spontaneous photographer. R is having some personal relationship issues so of course that was our topic of conversation yesterday at lunch. It occurred to me that we spend a lot of time at lunch talking about our significant others which makes me wonder do they spend as much time doing the same? I already know the answer from my hubby, uh no. Men don't spend hours dissecting relationships or questioning what something means so why do we (me and my gays)? Because it's fun.

We had two dog trainers contact us yesterday and they are both coming by this weekend so we can meet them but how do I know which one is better? I'm sure they are both quite lovely people and work well with dogs. How else would they stay in business? I just don't know what to look for or what kind of questions to ask. They are both around the same outrageous price and come to your home to work within your time frame. I already know Maxipad won't like either one of them because that is his main issue...he is just scared of strangers. I have to sell my kidney to afford them but I don't really need both of them anyway. Is it wrong to love my dog this much?

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