Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday is dragging me down, man.

I just finished having lunch with Fast Eddie, Little Gay R and Frownie. (Please refer to picture of Fast Eddie and Little Gay R) H had told me Frownie had a boyfriend, but this is the first time she ever talked about him. She told me he is in to health and when they first started dating he would serve her so he could portion her food. What?! She has totally called him on it and he has since stopped. This fascinated me. Firstly because I can't imagine her with a man and secondly that she had the balls to call him on it (she is somewhat timid). Now that she has talked a little about him, I feel compelled to know more. I'm dying to see a picture of Michael (Frownie's man) and hear more about him because honestly, H and I thought she was batting for the other team. Isn't it weird to have a perception of someone only to find out they are completely different the more you get to know them?

Fast Eddie is missing his girlfriend because she went on a cruise that she didn't invite him to. For some reason and you have to know Fast Eddie to get this, I found this very funny. During lunch we started discussing relationships, as we do at least once a week. The subject this week was do you still "date" and who pays. We all agree that romance and courting are something from the past and those things are really a lost art. The boys agreed that they still feel more comfortable paying but what about in a gay relationship? Little Gay R said it can be confusing and whoever issues the invite is the one who pays. Interesting. I learn so much from our work lunches. Just a side note: I heart me some honey roasted peanuts, just in case you were wondering.

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