Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Comment of the day

Pudgy little feet in different shoes every day are still pudgy little feet. Only now they look pained when squeezed in to cute shoes too small for your feet. I know everyone likes to say how cute your shoes are, and they are cute...just not on your feet. Sorry, have a nice day.


Monday, August 30, 2010

A humping we will go

Okay, I have a problem and don't know what to do about it. Kona has now been with us for a month and he is very calm. Side note: I don't want to push my luck but he seems to have caught on with the whole potty training thing. One can only hope. He still eats like a fat man at a buffet. Does he think he will never get another meal? Is is because he was a shelter dog and never got enough food? We have at least six bags of treats at home and we spoil them like they are royalty so I just don't get it. The treats have cause him to gain weight so we will have to start walking him. He is just like his mama.

Anyway, this past week Max has been humping Kona non-stop. I mean doggy porn all the time. Poor Kona eventually just lays down and sleeps or pretends to sleep. Kona tries to pee and here comes Max going to town on him. I have never really seen this kind of behavior from Max before but it is getting on my last nerve. It's like a window show in Amsterdam. So Max has an appointment this Thursday to trim the berries off the tree. The vet has been telling us for years to do it but we have put it off for as long as we can. I don't know why, it makes me feel bad to mess with his whole manhood vibe.

It was another awesome weekend and I'm quite sure another one is right around the corner since it is a long weekend and I am taking some time off. The contractors finished our fence and backyard lanai and will be starting on our fireplace and guest bathroom. How relaxing can it be when contractors will be stomping in and out and pounding on things? I just want to get it all over with and have my home back again.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Meet my friend, Karma. She wants to play.

Like most people, I can tell you more negative things about myself then positive. However, one positive thing about me is that I am a loyal friend. I am true not just to myself but to my friends, this is why I value honesty. So when someone hurts my friends, it hurts me. Some people are so selfish and clueless.

I really just have one thing to say to the spiteful drama queen that needs attention.

Karma is a bitch.


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Random picture of the day

I love this picture of my brother and I with my dad. It is like we were standing still in a fast moving world. My dad...so handsome in his uniform, no wonder my mom fell for him. Anyway...

I noticed yesterday that even though I see the same scenery every day, some days it's really ugly. Driving home yesterday I saw all the green trees but my view of these trees was tainted by the heat. Normally in the spring, I love those green trees. I smile when I see them and think to myself how pretty they all are. Yesterday it hit 100 degrees and that heat made me think this same view was now the ugliest thing I have ever seen. Heat and humidity are hideous and so is everything that it touches. Remind me again, why I live in Texas? Gaah.

Our finance assistant posted something negative about our boss on Facebook yesterday and even though I am not her friend, someone told me about it. She is studying human resources in college, you would think she would know better then to post status updates about her job on a social networking site. You hear stories about people getting fired for stuff like this. Having to talk to her about it was not pleasant but it needed to be done. Do people not realize that everything on Facebook is there for everyone to see? It is attached to your name and everything about you is out for the world to see. I was disappointed in her and even though she sent me an e-mail to apologize, I still feel a little let down. Is that normal? I really want her to gain as much knowledge as she can while she is here and to have a positive learning experience. Is that asking for too much? Probably.


Monday, August 9, 2010

Kona makes himself right at home

Kona is a champion sleeper, can you tell?

I am a fun sucker. I just realized it as I was listening to the radio. All it takes is one little thing to set me off and I'm done, I'm out. Saturday I kept having problems with my computer and then I moved to my laptop and could not get on our home network. That was it, I'm spouted off a few choice words declaring that I was done! I'm never going on Facebook again! So I didn't, I have stayed away from the computer until now. I left my phone right next to my computer and didn't check that either all weekend. It was actually quite liberating and I may have to do it again.

Technology isn't always better. I did have a wonderful weekend anyway. Dinner with good friends Friday night and we close on our refinance Friday. We have already started all the home improvements but we have another contractor coming out for an estimate on all the little things we need changed. School starts next week so it will be a busy summer. Our new little boy Kona is adjusting to life as an indoor dog. He was able to wait until we got home from work to go outside to do his business so he is learning fast. Unfortunately, he has also learned to get his fat little butt up on the bed at night. Do you have any idea how hard it is to have two dogs and a husband in bed with you, even on a king size bed! I was used to Max but with Kona too, it is difficult to sleep comfortably. Last night we started teaching them the off command because we needed our beauty sleep! Still tired. Hope you have a fabulous week!