Monday, June 29, 2009

At least cows don't talk

Okay so today I had kind of a stressful day and I was feeling a little anxiety over our deadline tomorrow. The 2:00 benefits meeting, I completely forgot I even had until they showed up, had me holding back yawns and losing focus to the point of almost falling asleep. Since I wasn't paying attention they asked me a question and in return they got my best impression of a deer in headlights. I managed to mumble somewhat coherent answers or basically bullshit my way through it all. All I know is I ended up with more paperwork I need to get done by Thursday. How I walk out of meetings with more shit to do, I'll never understand. H says that we need to be less competent that way they will stop giving us more work to do and I'm beginning to think he is right. H and I are too damn responsible for our own good, but I just can't see not doing my best every day. Why can't I just not care about my job?

I had people asking me stupid questions all day, a boss who isn't even going to be at work tomorrow, and a very long list of things I need to make sure I get done, which virtually ensures I will forget something, no doubt something of utmost importance. AND IT'S PAYROLL DAY, DAMN!! I forgot about that too, do you think anyone would mind if they didn't get paid on time? I am e-mailing myself at work to REMEMBER PAYROLL. With all this anxiety do you think I stayed late to get it done? No, I came home and played Farm Town on Facebook. I don't want to go back to real life tomorrow, I think I'm just going to move to Farm Town and grow crops and raise cows. They don't have any fiscal year end closings or finance meetings to attend. They sit around in their rockers watching corn grown and say "yup" all day. Some days, reality sucks.


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