Thursday, June 11, 2009

Help me mama!

I am so sad that my mama left me all alone in this big, hot and scary room. I have never been left alone like this for this long. Usually I am hanging on my mama's arm, taking a ride in her SUV or sitting in a nice cold fridge with my friends.
I don't really like this place when my mama and her stupid friends aren't here. I have had several people come up to me, open me and then stick their dirty hands in me. I feel so gross and used. sob....sob....sniff.....sob.....sob....sniff

I am not sure what will become of me if I sit here any longer. I wonder if maybe she is getting a new lunch bag and this is her way of getting rid of me. M recently threw her bag out and now has a stupid bunny lunch bag. No bag in the fridge likes that bunny bag. She is a total bitch.

This is an awful way to be discarded. I am so sad...

Lunch bag

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