Saturday, June 20, 2009

Spoiler Alert!

Did I ever tell you I had the biggest crush on Tom Hanks? Ever since Bosom Buddies, remember that T.V. show? I really adored him when he started being the romantic lead with Meg Ryan in all those When Harry met Sleepless in Seattle movies. Whatever happened to Meg Ryan? She got the big lips and then I never saw her again. Perhaps she was plastic surgery gone wrong and she has gone in to hiding. All I know is I still heart Tom. Don't you think it's funny when people say "Alls I know...". Is that an accent thing?

Anyway, tonight was date night for Big Red and I and it was fun. We went to dinner and a movie. Olive Garden and Angels and Demons and I thoroughly enjoyed both. It had been such a long time since we have been on a Saturday night date night and we had fun. We also managed to squeeze in a little shopping for me at The Rim. Angels and Demons was very exciting and fast paced but I have to say I remember a few things differently from the book. It has been a couple of years since I read the book but now I have to go dig it out of our collection so I can refresh my memory. All I remembered for sure when the movie started was the carmelengo was the bad guy. Awww, did I ruin it for you? Sorry.
Today was Max's first lesson with our dog trainer and he did really well. He pitched a fit when the trainer took his leash but Ian was very patient and worked through it. We are taking Max on a long walk tomorrow morning to use some of the techniques he showed us. He slept pretty hard after the trainer left but then so did I. I love me my naps on Saturday. I think this lesson was harder on me than Max because he was giving me those puppy dog eyes when he was trying to get away from Ian as if to say "Mama help!". My hope for Max is that he will be happier and less anxiety ridden once he is trained. I can't say the same for me though.


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