Sunday, June 21, 2009

I'm easy like a Sunday Morning

May I just start this post by saying "It wasn't me!". For once, this wayward bicycle does not belong to me. Big Red was doing some speeding around a curve and look what happens kids. Don't let this happen to you. Thankfully, he was okay and jumped off but I am sad to say his bicycle did not make it. He is now sitting at his computer trying to find a place here that sells replacement rims because neither Target or The Academy does. May I also remind you that we shop at Costco, therefore, the gigantic package of toilet paper. We are all human, people.

We decided to take Max to the park to chase his ball (he chased it, not us) and he had a blast running like the wind. He looks like such a happy dog here, doesn't he? It was beautiful out this morning and we enjoyed relaxing out at the park on a blanket.
He played hard so he took the time for a break as well. It may have been a nice day outside but Max is wearing a fur coat so he had to replenish his water after every chase.
He is getting so good with commands like "leave it" that no matter how much he wants a cookie, he will wait until we give him permission to eat it. I'm so proud of him today, he did so well and we loved being able to take him out with us.
Max was actually calm enough for us to take him out to brunch with us. We were able to sit outside and drink our coffee and eat breakfast while he relaxed next to the table. It was quite the relaxing father's day for my husband and we really enjoyed spending the day relaxing like this. Have I mentioned it was relaxing?

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The Expatresse said...

Look at you, all Dog Whispering and sh!t!

High five.