Monday, March 31, 2008

Highs and Lows

My husband decided to surprise me with a planned "date" on Sunday. He wouldn't tell me where we were going or what we were doing, just when to be ready. He ended up taking me to a chick flick (he was the only guy in the theater) and out to dinner. We sat outdoors sipping on margaritas and listening to live music. I had a really good time and I so appreciate his effort to surprise me, I love that after 11 years he still wants to do these things for me.

Then this morning I had to drop off my baby girl at the vet where she will spend all day with no liquids and not going to the bathroom. She has been sick lately and they wanted to monitor her all day. I will admit that I am worried about her and as soon as I got back in the car I burst in to tears. I immediately called my husband to cry on his shoulder and I felt better after that. I just hate the fact that she won't be able to drink any water or go out to the bathroom when she needs to, it makes my stomach hurt just thinking about it.

So typical for a Monday, up and down like a roller my stomach. I am not feeling very creative or witty right now, just sad.


Thursday, March 27, 2008


Ok, so I am still at work and I am like in some kind of coma or maybe I am high. I went with Red Dragon to BOA to deposit some $ from the charity event we worked recently. We walked in and were greeted by this lovely gentleman with a half goatee. What are those called? It was just on the chin, you know? It had some grey hair in it too. Anyway, he had really nice hair; dark, wavey and shiny. It totally made me feel inadequate seeing how I have the shortest hair every recorded in history today. Damn, Sports Clips! Never again! He was dressed very well with some nice glasses. So the guy looks up, perks up, smiles and says hi! Being a guy of the homosexual persuassion I said hi, how are you? It was just a reaction. So what does Red Dragon do?! She goes over to the dumpy lady on the left instead of the guy right in front of me. I look over at the guy, he smiles, and shrugs his shoulders and mouths "ok". I made a face like, Hijole and mouth "sorry". So we were there for like 25 minutes while biatcha behind the counter counted all $6000. The guy kept looking at me and smiling and I found myself smiling back. He even had the same last name as me. His name was JH. Between customers he kept coming over to see how it was going. I thought maybe I should give him my card. WAIT!!!! It then hit me that I am as married as my governor will allow me to be. It all happened so fast. I didn't even think about it. It all came so easy to me! I thought about the recent study about people cheating. I know i didn't cheat but I wanted to talk to this guy. What the f is wrong with me!? I truly love R and would never cheat on him. I have a great life. Sometimes I am shocked at how great my life has turned out. R called me a short time ago and I got into a fight with him over something stoooopid. We have made up since then but it was just stupid. What is wrong with me? Sigh...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Whatever happened to Picasso?

Gee, I wish we knew how H's baby was doing since he was sick and all.

I heard he went crazy at the vet's office and threatened the entire staff with a used needle.

Then I heard he went in to hiding since he's now wanted but he's making good money with the circus.

I also heard he sometimes does side gigs as an impersonator for rock stars.

Guess we'll never know, will we? So sad to be a dog on the run, what a life! I hope his parents are happy!


C & K no more?

Last night I had a bad dream that my husband and I broke up and I woke up so sad. We were going to couples counseling and I kept thinking, how is this helping? I just really missed him and reached out to hug him and he pulled away. I finally told him I didn't want to go to counseling anymore and that we should just get a divorce and stop wasting money on this stupid shrink. Then the alarm went off...

When my husband called me this morning, I told him about the dream and how sad I was. He apologized for pulling away (like he could help my dreams) and told me he would never leave me. I'm pretty sure that's code for "It's finished, sister!". I hope H has a spare bedroom for me to sleep in and lot's of alcohol 'cause I'm gonna need it.

Insecure much? Geez...


Pain in the butt's making me wait...ooooooh. Don't you just love that song by Carly Simon? My butt hurts.



So you like woke up, searched your closet and actually chose that outfit to wear today? Wow...


Wednesday, March 19, 2008


So last night we had to take the little P to the vets around 7:45pm, He had thrown up twice and was just not acting right. He usually runs out to greet us and jumps and cries to be picked up. He runs around, back and forth, wanting to play. Not yesterday, when R got home he slowly walked out of his bed and just stood there. His breathing was a bit shallow and labored. So R took him in to the vets and I met him there since I was still at the office.
I got there a bit after 8pm and we stayed until about 9:30pm. They did blood work, squeezed him, checked his poop, and everything was normal. The doc was not sure what was going on with the little P. The doc said he may have an obstruction but wasn't sure. Everything checked out ok so the doc asked us to take him home to see how he would wake up. We brought him home and he slept with us and hardly moved. I am not really sure how much he slept. When I would wake up to check on him he was awake and his breathing was weird.
R just dropped him off at the vets right now and the doc is on his way in to check on him again. I am so worried about him. There is obviously something wrong. He is not acting right and his breathing is just not right. I wish R had stayed with him! I have to go drop off the sister at the airport at 9am so I couldn't go stay with him. Now we just have to wait until the doc calls.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The parent syndrome

so I said "Look, Marge, that's what the recipe calls for." Oh HI! Sometimes I like to start my blog like I'm right in the middle of a conversation with a good friend...only I'm not...and I don't know anyone named Marge.

My parents called me twice yesterday. Once was my dad who called to complain about the bus trip to Louisiana and how they are treated like children. He actually held the phone up and said "Can you hear that??!". They decided to go on a bus trip to Kinder to gamble some of my inheritance away and didn't enjoy the trip very much. As my dad was complaining I was thinking to myself "Lord, please don't let my parents be one of those old people who take bus trips all over the country with other senior citizens who wear socks with their sandals and matching shirts so they can find each other in a crowd". He passed the phone to my mom who wanted to make plans for Easter while the tour guide was yelling at everyone that he needed a head count.

I finally told her I would call her once she got home and we could make plans then. She signed off with "Laura (my brothers ex) just got to Boise to see C and he asked me for the engagement rings I was holding for him back, don't tell him I told you". This is how she ends most of what she tells me. I can only imagine what she tells my brothers about me. "K has fibroids and cysts, don't tell her I told you. - K's dog is real sick and might die, don't tell her I told you."

I adore my parents, I just don't want them to get old and be stereotypes, is that even possible?


Monday, March 17, 2008


Ha ha! I'm better, I'm better! I feel 100% better today and I love it. This one really took me down hard and I have never felt so sick but it's all behind me now!

My little brother called me last night to ask when we were coming to see him and I had to tell him we had to cancel due to my surgery. He was concerned and disappointed but he understood. I miss him and will have to make a point to go see him this summer.

Today will be a good day!


Friday, March 14, 2008


Today Nancy was talking to me about one of our clients needing medicine and the price differences between two pharmacies. She thought maybe one pharmacy was using "genetic medicine" (generic medicine) and that was the reason for the price difference. She actually said "genetic medicine" twice. heeheeheehee...made me laugh (to myself).

It has been a really great day because I have gotten so much accomplished and it's almost time to go home. I love days like this. No annoying people to irritate me with stupid questions (H is out of town) and my desk almost clear. I hear my big comfortable bed calling my name already; seducing me with it's soft sheets and big pillows. It promises me warm embraces and gentle breezes while I slip off to my happy place in it's arms. I know it will use me and then kick me out (somewhat brutally) Monday morning but I am going to believe everything it tells me this weekend and let it have it's way with me. Yes, I'm that easy. I'm coming darling...wait for me.


Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ramblings of K to the Ugo

So today Miriam was wearing black pants with black pumps and WHITE TUBE SOCKS!!!! WTF??! Who wears dressy BLACK pants with dressy BLACK shoes and WHITE socks? Oh made my head spin and not in a good way. Fashion violations are plentiful here at work, I make a few of them myself but NEVER that one. Can I just say I hate fire drills? Especially when the alarm won't shut off 10 minutes after the drill is over and it drones on and on making my head split in two and the contents ooze out over my desk where I try to lay my head to keep from crying like a crazy street person.

I am so hungry, I just spent the last 10 minutes perusing the JIB website for pics of their food so I could anticipate what I was going to eat. Not many pics so it's a crap shoot on what it will look like once it gets here. What can I say? I'm big on visuals. I have no doubt that even though I wrote exactly what I wanted on a post it, Roman will still somehow fuck it up and I will have to beat him over the head with it. Perhaps this will improve my mood?

Still sick and dragging my ass to Friday but it's hard. My belief is I am high on cough drops since I'm on my third bag. Found out I am also a bad speller when I am feeling bad. Who knew?

My voice has crapped out and everyone else thinks it funny but I get frustrated not being able to get my point across that way I want to. I eventually shrug and say never mind, it's exhausting. I just drown my frustration in M&M's, Egg McMuffin's, Coke Zero, Nutter Butter's and Slim Jim's (this was just breakfast). No doubt I will be in a food coma after lunch (sirloin burger, curly fries and a choc shake!) and not be good to anyone. T kept asking me questions during the meeting and I kept saying "I don't know". These were hard questions like how to calculate the pre-tax saving on a flexible savings account! Geez! Ask the rep up at the front, that's why she is here. Damn T!!

Ugh...I'm so tired. Bob forgive me for being such a giver upper this week, I just can't make it. Oooooooooooo...(me slowly spiraling down to madness).


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

You wanna have sex?

Okay, it is now Tuesday and I am finally feeling better. My voice is fucked up and you can only hear every other word but I think my husband prefers this. My cough is still here but my head and chest are clearer than last week. I was high on drugs all weekend and spent the majority of my time sleeping and singing. Big Red said I kept singing that song with the line "I'm so highhhhhh...high above you". I don't remember much except blissful sleep. I think after this weekend, I will be good as gold.

My husband still tried to be all Color me Badd and sex me up. You've got to be kidding, right? Who would wanna make love to a coughing, sniffling mess like this? I must be so HOT!


Thursday, March 6, 2008


I'M STILL SICK &^&^%@#$*&^@!#! WHAT THE *&@!&?!

I'm so tired....spoon me?


Monday, March 3, 2008

Germs R Us

It's official...I'm sick. Damn! I have worked so hard to stay healthy, I got a flu shot people! I spent most of the weekend in bed loading up on Sudafed. I took long naps, slept all night and I am more tired than I was before that. I am still here at work because I have to do payroll today. As crappy as I feel, the last thing I would do is call out and screw everyone else up. I'm not sure I'm gonna make a full day but I'm sure as hell going to try. Being sick blows!