Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Oh someone will pay.

Firstly, please join me in welcoming H back to the blog. It's about time he posted an entry. I guess he's been too busy painting masterpieces to bother with us common folk. I personally love his art and hate that he is so critical about it. JUST STOP!

Secondly, I have a gripe. Shocking, I know! Your Honor, I would like to submit the above picture as Exhibit A in the trial of the century. You see those two little cheap plastic red thingies? They should be one piece on the little round black knob above it. This is what we use to pour the coffee out of the coffee pot. I came in this morning and they were lying there, DEAD! Someone has killed the coffee pot and not left a note, a hit and run, if you will. I ask you, how are we supposed to get the coffee out now? We have an office of 25 people coming in, in less than an hour and some of those people require coffee to function. Your Honor, I submit we detain, fingerprint, and question each individual to see who the guilty party is. When he or she is found we hold a trial (I'm not completely unreasonable) and when they are found guilty (maybe I am) we make them suffer. I don't think I am asking too much. I believe the other coffee drinkers will back me up.

I need to go start the phone tree and tell everyone not to come in, the office has to shut down due to a coffee emergency. If I don't, this is gonna make the nightly news once the riots start.


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