Monday, June 8, 2009

Max has new teacher!

It is Monday and I am here at work, again. Didn't I just leave? It was a busy weekend and we were on the go but we did manage to squeeze in an hour nap on Saturday between appointments. We had dog trainers over to give their free demo's and what an eye opening experience. We have chosen the one Max liked the best and who we felt most comfortable with. I picked the first guy because Max walked right up to him and by the end of the visit he was able to use both hands to scratch under Max's chin. Unbelievable!

The second trainers were a little abrupt and Max was just not having any of it. They not only forgot everything we had told them but actually scolded me for petting my dog. They called me a weak spirit. They also told us he would never be normal and always full of fear and anxiety. WTF? Then why would I want you training him if he is beyond help? It was exhausting for all of us but we did pick up some really good tips. We took Max to Petsmart yesterday and he did really well with all the puppies. One of the puppies was a husky and we couldn't help but feel sad because we still miss Nani. So Max will get to know Ian very well and after the home lessons will be joining a group class with his other dogs. We plan on having a very elaborate graduation party when the time comes.


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