Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What a beautiful day...if I put it out there it will come, right?

I just updated my Facebook status to "I am determined to get through this day with a smile". I'm not sure I can live up to it, but I'm going to try. My parents moved their departure date up to next week and my finance assistant just called out for the rest of the week. How's that smile now?

I am sitting here, hoping for only positive energy today. I fully realize I control how my day goes. As H once told me, the only thing I can control is my attitude and my reaction towards other peoples attitudes. I will certainly be testing that theory today. What if today is like the best day ever?! Side note: My parents are having a garage sale this weekend, my first ever, I hope it's fun and they sell everything.


Monday, September 28, 2009

Reason #691 why I should stop drinking coffee.

Our receptionist is out today, so no coffee. I'm glad it's almost Halloween because I feel like a zombie. Why won't one of us here learn how to make coffee? Lazy asses. Yes, I'm including myself in this. Oh the horror of no coffee. I never noticed it before, but everyone is really ugly without coffee.


I don't like being stared at.

When we had our Wii party, everyone there created their own little character (Mii’s) so they could play the games. These characters live on in our Wii console. Now every time Big Red and I play, these characters are interacting with our characters. They are in the background playing or watching us play and you know what? Sometimes it’s a little creepy. It almost feels like they are stalking us. When they were just random Mii’s it was different, but now I know their names so it’s personal. I even found myself yelling at one of them because he kept staring at me. Psycho much?

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Have you ever messed up at work?

Please enjoy the following e-mail about my major *&#% up at work.

From: K
Sent: Wednesday, September 23, 2009 11:44 AM
To: H

OMG! I just realized not only did I &%#* up July's cash balance but
I never reconciled July bank account at all! I just realized it when I was getting ready to balance our August bank balance!
Epic failure. I am packing my desk up.

From: H

To: K

wow, what have you been doing? Karma for not sharing your granola bar?


From: K

To: H

I feel like a complete failure right now. This is so unlike me to forget something this huge. My head actually hurts.

No wonder the auditor came and asked me for the July bank statement. D and I are just like "Why doesn't she just look in the bank reconciliation folder she took??". HELLO? Earth to K.

My boss actually laughed at me.


We are knee deep in an audit at work and yesterday was the first day I felt really stressed about it. My boss is the most laid back person and never stresses out, thank goodness she just took this mess up in stride. How did I forget to balance our checkbook for two months in a row? In the past my reaction to a stressful day would have been to medicate with comfort food but I didn't. I went home and we had veggie tacos and it was delicious! At least something went right, it's almost Friday. Repeat mantra.


Monday, September 21, 2009

Nothing good on TV, huh?

I have no idea why Max was left at the altar, who wouldn't love this? Okay, maybe he does look a little crazy...ever so slightly.

I often wonder why people read this blog. If you have a blog, don't you wonder? I wonder why they come back too. If they come often, I wonder why they don't comment. Is it because they are shy? Indifferent? Bored? Shocked? Lurking? I read a few blogs, mostly because they are funny. I get to know someone and am interested in their lives and what makes them tick. I'm naturally curious.

I wish I knew why you come here, so I could know what to write about. I would tell you how I totally Kate Gosselin'd (yes, I am using her as a verb now) my husband at Target but it's too embarrassing for me and I would hate for people to think I'm a bitch...though I sometimes can be.

I would tell you that we went hiking this weekend and my body still hurts but that's really just complaining.

I would tell you that H and I had lunch today...just the two of us and it was nice. We realized we miss this sometimes because our normal lunch crowd can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. It's like too much stimulation for one person to handle. We Kanye each other a lot. You know, interrupt, constantly tag team with lightning speed, speed joke, if you will. Yes, I am using Kanye as a verb now, too.

We also made the following observations:

Chicken Little needs to retire and volunteer at a church.

Crazy maintenance man eats very loudly, makes weird noises, and listens to our conversations. Awkward much?

H thinks my husband is a saint for STILL being married to me, I prefer to think he is entertained by me.

See? Nothing to say, why are you still here??!


Friday, September 18, 2009

In this case, two is the loneliest number.

Did I tell you my parents are moving away? Maybe I did, I can't remember. My parents? They like to move. They move wherever there is a child. Papa truly is a rolling stone in this case, and so is mama. I am here in Texas and I guess they are over me now and want to move on to the next child. That would be my youngest brother in Idaho. They just invited me out to dinner one night and asked me "How would you feel about us moving to Idaho?". Really, what could I say...don't go? They are adults and my first reaction was happiness, because I love Idaho too. It's gorgeous there and more like a small town then a big city.

This was one month ago and I went to their house this weekend and EMPTY! They have sold off almost everything and are leaving in October. WHAT? My parents do not jack around people. When they say it, they mean it. Granted, we scored some good stuff they did not want to take with them, but now I am so sad. It was just a statement before, I thought they meant eventually, not next month. We spend every holiday at their house. Correction, we SPENT every holiday at their house. We didn't make our own turkey on Thanksgiving or even put up a tree at Christmas...why bother, we spent all that time with my parents.

I feel like an orphan, is that just a tad too dramatic? I am still happy for them, that they are moving someplace safer and smaller. I know my brother will keep them busy with the restaurant and this is what they need. I also know I am being totally selfish with my feelings and in no way will tell them how I really feel, but I dread the day they drive away and I have to say goodbye. I already tear up just thinking about it. I will be a mess and my husband will be left to clean it all up. I'm quite sure divorce will cross his mind once or twice, after I have cried on his shoulder one too many times.
While my husband and I were talking about moving in a few years, this pretty much sealed the deal for us. Where do you think we will move to? See you soon, mom and dad.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

GET THE fuck OUT!!!

I just did something I never thought I would be able to do. Not in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever be able to do this. I cannot believe it. Did I mention, I am amazed at what I just did?
I went through my closet and pulled out about 40 items of clothes that I can no longer wear. No longer wear because they are too big!
OMG! or ADM!

I was dancing and trying on clothes that was too damn big. I was listening to Alejandro Fernandez and enjoying myself. Yippee!!
Please see my pile of fat clothes that I don't ever want to again.

My first thought was...

Someone had hacked in to our blog because I did not post that entry. Miracle of miracles, H has decided to pay us all a visit. My second thought was who is that man eating that huge burger and where can I get one?

My third thought was I hope he posts more because I am going to bizzy next week. for your lives, people! I am going to be one sorry sight, but I am ready for it. I think.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Beyonce had the best video of all time!

Why does K feel that she needs to call me out every three months?! She has to point out that I do not blog as much as she does. Can I just say that I am her muse. I am the inspiration and the wind beneath her wings. I inspire her to write witty entries. Soooo...

I will give you the short version of where I have been. Eight weeks ago I got sick and had a bad case of gastritis. It doesn't mean I had gas; look it up. I had been eating like it was going out of style. I ate whatever I wanted and I had no desire to exercise. I lost 7 pounds in three days from not being able to keep anything down or in. I was forced to eat a bland diet. Really Bland! No spices whatsoever!

I have now lost about 37 pounds and am exercising everyday. I got up early today and did two miles on my treadmill and I plan to exercise again tonight. I feel great!
I has been a long process to get to this point and I am still a bit fucked up about my feelings about food but I am working on it. More about that later...


Kate Gosselin has a new hair style. I try my best to keep you informed. I know how busy we can all be with our regular lives and this is just one service I like to offer. You can thank me later for this public service announcement. You may now return to your regular programming.
That is all.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hold on a second...

Wait one cotton pickin' minute, I just realized One Day at a Time wasn't in the 80's, it was in the 70's! This can only mean one thing...I am older than I thought. Doesn't that just suck shit on a stick? You have to admit Valerie Bertinelli looks pretty damn good for her age, though. So do Demi Moore and Madonna, do you think they have all had plastic surgery? Remember when Val was married to Eddie Van Halen and they were just the coolest couple ever? Rock on Van Halen!

Don't you ever wonder why H never posts anymore? Me too. He always promises to, but in case you haven't figured it out yet, he is a liar. I believe the last post he wrote was on cursing and that was pretty good. He is going through "stuff", don't ask because I won't tell and truth be told, it's not all that fascinating. Maybe he has just run out of stuff to say.

I was able to get out of attending a company event today that would have wasted an entire day of work for me and I am so glad. There is NO ONE in my hallway because they are all at that event and I could not be happier about it. I have gotten so much work done because it is finally a quiet day at work with no interruptions. I actually feel a little giddy about the solitude, is that weird? Okay, I'm just rambling and I need to get back to work. Work waits for no one.


Just take one day at a time and I don't mean that 1980's Valerie Bertinelli show.

Sometimes, I fear turning in to a grouchy old lady and then I realize maybe I already am. Jeez, I need to learn to lighten up. Life isn't a fucking dress rehearsal, this is my only time around. Why do I have such a hard time relinquishing control? Why can't I just not worry so much and not have anxiety over things that are really beyond my control? What's the worst thing that could happen?
Just let go of the rope and fly...for once.


Monday, September 14, 2009

Kanye West can suck it

Could Kanye West be a bigger ass or what? I couldn't believe my eyes last night when he interrupted Taylor Swift's acceptance speech on the VMA's. That poor girl was speechless and mortified. I realize Kanye is a huge narcissist but he must have some shred of compassion for this teenage girl who was so excited after winning her first moon man. Did he not get enough love and attention when he was growing up and now we as a society must pay for it? I am so over his music, he is the new Chris Brown for me.


Saturday, September 12, 2009

K is annoyed again? So unlike me.

Things that annoyed me yesterday:

1. Our new payroll company sending me a packet of forms with ten million little signature flags, with no explanation on what exactly these forms are for.

2. Having to reconcile time off accruals with our old payroll company and noticing that 60% of the balances are wrong.

3. Trying to reconcile said balances and no longer having access to their system.
4. One of our long term employees has worked here over a decade and still doesn’t know how to lock our front door? I would really like to be secure in the knowledge that at 7 a.m. the front door is locked behind us and not worry about being killed by some crazy person. That would make for a bad day.

5. The fact that because of the technological advances of having all my phone numbers stored in my cell phone, I can no longer remember one damn number by heart. This forces me to dig out my cell phone to find a number when I want to use my work phone.

6. A company function that I have been asked to attend even though I really don’t have the time or interest to do so.

7. My assistant being out for a week and having to defend her right to be out to my big bosses, even though I’m not that thrilled about it either.

8. The fact that our new medical plan has no co-pays, yet I have two employees that were charged co-pays on their latest office visit.

9. The fact that I made a to-do list on Monday and have only crossed off 3 things from the list of 14.

10. Drinking too much coffee has been making me sick lately but when I am feeling stressed, I need to drink coffee.

11. Jon Gosselin trash talking his wife on the morning news. I don’t like her that much either but you’re the one that stuck around and had 8 kids with her, stop whining about it You do know your kids are old enough to be hurt by this stuff, right?

12. The fact that I am so anal that I have to make a list of the things that annoyed me today.


Thursday, September 10, 2009

No new updates? Now that's just laziness.

I was going to write about how people don't update their blogs enough, but I have been far too busy. Don't you hate that? I was way too busy today helping plan a 1960's themed party at work. H and I are just way too groovy for this place.


Friday, September 4, 2009

Sometimes I just need an ocean to remind me

Big Red looking awfully small in a big ocean.

Today my husband and I decided to drive down to Corpus Christi simply because we have never been there before. Growing up in Hawaii, you can understand why some days I just really miss the ocean. You know what gets me, though? Why EVERYONE feels compelled to tell me that Corpus Christi is ugly. "It's not going to look like Hawaii". No shit, Sherlock. I would never expect any place, but Hawaii, to look like Hawaii, you know what I'm saying? Do I sound bitter, because I don't mean to be. Just let me go look at an ocean and form my own opinion, okay?

Anyway, they were right, it's ugly...hideous. No, no, it wasn't as bad as I thought. The water wasn't as dirty as I expected and had the sun actually made an appearance, it would have probably been less gloomy.

My husband is quite the talented artist, no? Moments like this, make me forget my fat days.

I'm so glad he was able to put our intitals in the heart above, before he was swallowed by this giant shark. Him getting eaten by the shark was really the only downer of the day.

Oh look! He was able to make it back and kick the sharks ass with this machine gun from the USS Lexington. Go Big Red, my hero!

Sadly, he was then caught in a herd of stampeding buffalo. Yet, he lived to tell the tale. This man has got more lives than a cat.

I'm so glad we were both able to take some time off work to reconnect. While this may not have been a trip back home, just seeing the ocean, any ocean, makes me realize how small my problems can be.


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The day the randomness ended.

It was another hot Texas day when it happened. It was like watching a building implode right in front of your eyes. It all started innocently with us talking about the training Moman did this past weekend for an upcoming dualthalon, when Little Gay R said it. He said Michelle was slow on the bicycle and it all went downhill from there. The rest of sat there and were powerless to stop the massacre that would forever be known as the day Moman was no more. I wish we had popcorn for the show.

Michelle got very defensive about her bike riding skills and the defense shield was up for the rest of what was a very short lunch. Needless to say, I don’t think they will still be doing a duathalon together. The following is the e-mail that followed lunch.

From: Michelle
Sent: Monday, August 31, 2009 1:33 PM
To: K; Little Gay R; H

Sorry for being so defensive. I blame Little Gay R for

From: Michelle
Sent: Monday, August 31, 2009 1:39 PM
To: H; K; Little Gay R

Sorry Little Gay R, you had to be the scapegoat in this
one. That will teach you to call me slow!

Little Gay R’s response?

No worries. Making me the scapegoat, however, doesn’t diminish the fact that you're a slow bike rider. Even if you were the slowest bike rider in the world, though, I’d still turn around and wait for you.

Awkward much? They have worked everything out but H and I were only too happy to share some advice with them regarding having a work spouse. This is why after 8 years, Kugo is still going strong. We do not throw each other under the bus nor do we point out the others faults in front of everyone else. We are loyal above all else. When will the duo formerly known as Moman ever learn? Kids today.


Dance your ass off!

I woke up late this morning yet managed to make it here by 7 a.m. It was nice to get an extra 45 minutes this morning with my husband. I figured if I'm off on Friday, the least I can do is come to work on time the rest of the week. I can't believe it is already September! Not only is it my favorite Earth, Wind and Fire song but it's also the month of our audit.
Am I the only one watching Dance Your Ass Off? I watched the finale last night and was so impressed with their dancing. How come I can't dance like that? What I wouldn't give for a body like Shayla. I so want to learn how to dance the Samba. I can't wait to watch the reunion show to see how much weight everyone has lost since the finale. The host though...can't stand her. I don't watch much TV but I am a reality TV junkie. Project Runway and Top Chef are my other two favorites. Simply because I am always amazed at people who can make something beautiful out of nothing in a short period of time. That, my friend, takes real talent.