Sunday, July 5, 2009

What a yankee doodle dandy day!

After reading the last post, I take it H did not have a very good weekend. I would ask him what happened but I think he made it quite clear that he didn't want to talk to "ALL PEOPLE" so let's just move on, shall we? It's Sunday evening and may I just say K has had a wonderful 3 days off so far. Little Red came in Saturday morning and we have been non-stop since then. Little Red's flight came in a little early and we were running a little late. We had to have our own little fireworks display before "little ears" got here and took all the romance out of our evenings. ;-) All is quiet in our household because the father daughter duo are now napping. Apparently, they can't handle a full day of activity. Yesterday we had a cook out to celebrate the 4th of July, because if you're an American it is required that you grill some kind of meat outside. We had the best steaks in the world with corn on the cob and baked beans. Who do you think ate too much? There were a few fireworks going off here and there but Max slept through all of it.

Today, we were up before dawn so Big Red could start his training for the half marathon he is running. After he did his time trials in Helotes with Fast Eddie, we ended up out at breakfast then off to a dog awareness parade. Okay, an Elvis impersonator was there singing "You ain't nothing but a hound dog"...over and over again. Annoying much? We had a blast and Max did as well. We have discovered Max is a grade A butt sniffer, but he does not like to reciprocate with his own butt. Any dog near his ass got snapped at. Not sure I can blame him. We finally decided to let him off leash to see how he would interact with all these dogs and people and we were shocked to discover he actually did better. He even let some strange woman pet him??!! What?? Who was this dog? Max was fine roaming around with a group of big dogs and our trainer, Ian who was there, told us this was very good for his socialization. Max partied like it was 1999, only Prince wasn't anywhere to be seen. Only Elvis could make it. It wasn't too hot and we got a bunch of free stuff from the pet booths. All in all, a very successful and stress free weekend...which is why the two red's are sound asleep. Actually, Max has been out for some time as well, he had been out with us since 6 a.m. and he is not used to that schedule! It's almost 5 p.m., should I wake them? I've no doubt they will be up all night playing Wii. I personally think it is good for Big Red to get his Wii ass kicked, playing against his own flesh and blood. They are so alike, it is almost scary.

I have no idea what is on the agenda for tomorrow but I've no doubt it will be something good before I return to work on Tuesday. I'm off to wake up the three sleepy heads because I'm getting hungry and need some company.


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