Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It tastes like dead squirrel

Girl, I am tired this morning, yet surprisingly alert. Could be my large coffee or it could be the 4 day weekend coming up. Last night my brother and sister in law came in and we were up late laughing. I love them! They are both so funny and honest and I totally dig that. Since Big Red was already at work, we had him on speaker phone at one point, so we could all talk. It was well past midnight when I dragged my tired ass and exhausted puppy to bed. Max did really well with the company and eventually settled down and played ball with Rob. I love Red's sister because she is who she is and never apologizes for it. She had a lot going on in her younger days and if you were to judge her on the number of tattoos she has, you would totally miss out on how sweet she is. Today she is happily married to a wonderfully crazy guy and they have a beautiful baby daughter. Rob tried to teach me how to play Mafia Wars on Facebook, but can I just admit that I don't get it? I don't want to be in a violent mafia, I just want to grow crops in Farm Town. Can't we all just get along? In completely unrelated and uninteresting news, I will no longer have to type slowly since I cut my nails. They were daggers and much to the dismay of my husband, I finally trimmed them down. Seriously, how did they not break with all the stuff I was doing?? Back to our regularly scheduled blogging...
I got to work extra early yesterday to get a head start on things and I should have known that no good deed goes unpunished. I always try to get a blog entry in first, but my body was craving some liquid energy . As I was stirring my coffee I heard a bang and then our trouble alarm went off in the office. Keep in mind it is before 7 a.m. and I am the only one there so I was a little freaked out. Being a grown ass independent woman, I immediately texted my husband and asked him what to do. He told me what I already knew, which was to call the alarm company. He offered to come over to be with me, so sweet and thoughtful, my hubby. Since Michelle had just walked in while I was on the phone with the alarm company, I felt a little better that someone else had come in to feed my fear. The alarm company told me to re-set the breakers to turn the alarm off??? Breakers? Where? So here we are walking around the office looking for a good place for breakers to be when H walked in the door. HELP! We were now three strong and that just meant three times as stupid. We couldn't figure it out and finally had to call someone. All I could think was that some crazy ax murderer had broken in and cut the power lines and was now going to take us out one by one. You know like those Friday the 13th movies where the good one always makes it out alive? Needless to say, I would have been the last one standing. As much as it pains me to ruin anyone's image of H, he broke down in tears like a scared little boy and I did what any good friend would do. I laughed at him. Here we are hiding in the closet. I have no idea why Michelle just happened to have a camera. ;-p
Come to find out the vicious ax wielding mad man was actually a squirrel who was responsible for blowing out a transformer. Sadly, he did not make it and he became deep fried squirrel. R.I.P. little squirrel. Little did we know this whole calamity would be the highlight of our day and the last time we would laugh. It all went to hell in a hand basket after that. No AC, no computers, no lights, which meant our deadlines became just a little more urgent. Thus, ensuring we now had to work twice as fast to catch up. You realize this meant no more fun? I kept my door closed, my head down and focused on the task at hand. Today is a new day with new challenges and hopefully more fun.



chinamommy said...

i was just daydreaming about the 2 of you working with my mental-twin & myself at this horrible carpet store. we LITERALLY use to hide under our desks - it would have been more fun i'm sure if it would have been the 4 of us under there... drinking scotch, petting squirrels, playing connect 4... a girl can dream.

Kugo said...

I love connect 4!