Thursday, July 30, 2009

I slept like 9 hours last night and I feel fabulous! Other than that...I got nothing.

Fast Eddie got engaged while he was out on vacation last week and I could not be happier for him. He was never been one to be so optimistic on relationships. I have only known him for a couple of years and he has been through his share of girlfriends, but he has finally fallen in love.

I was thinking back to when Big Red and I got engaged and how happy I was. I kept holding my hand out and looking at the ring from different angles. I wonder if CC does that? Big Red and I also got engaged when we went on vacation and I didn't tell anyone at work when I got back. It only took one day before one of my co-workers noticed the rock on my finger and squealed out loud "DID YOU GET ENGAGED?!!" This brought everyone else over to my cubicle and I blushed and shrugged my shoulders when they asked me why I didn't tell anyone. Looking back I'm not sure why I didn't say anything. I think I wanted to let it sink in and be just mine before all the wedding questions followed. It was only 10 years ago but it seems like a lifetime.

One weird thing about being in an serious adult relationship is how to introduce your partner to others. The term boyfriend seems so juvenile and the term partner doesn't sound right either, unless you're a lawyer. Don't even get me started on the word Fiancee, it sounds so pretentious. Maybe because it's french and every french word sounds highfalutin. I'm so going to learn french.

Au revoir mon ami!


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