Thursday, July 16, 2009

I'll get you my pretty and you're stupid microwave too!!!

First of all can I just tell you that I was some kind of grouchy yesterday. I was Crabella Deville yesterday and I don't know why. You ever just wake up in a bad mood and can't shake it? I had a low tolerance level yesterday and could not stop being Crabby Crabster. Thank goodness I feel better today and am no longer Oscar the grouch.
Can I share something with you?
I am a grown woman who loves Harry Potter. I have been hooked since I read the first book back in the 1990's. Has it really been 10 years? Wow. My husband became a fan after I made him read the book too. I can now admit that yes, we have stood in line at Barnes and Noble at midnight for the release of the book. Yes, I have stayed up for hours reading the just purchased book and have spent the whole weekend in bed with Harry Potter. Yes, we have gone to several midnight premiers of the Harry Potter movies and gone to work the next day. Yes, I cried when I read book 6 and then book 7 when some of my favorite characters died. Yes, we own a Harry Potter trivia game and played it every night after we bought it. Do you think I am what they would call a fan?

We did not go to the midnight showing of the latest movie but we are going to the first showing on Friday morning. I can also admit that I didn't really care for Book 2 and I loved Book 4. I can also tell you it puzzles me why people who haven't read the books or seen most of the movies still stand in line to see the midnight showing. I am not quite as anxious to see this movie as I was the others because if you read the series you know that they get darker and sadder as you go along. I like going to the movies to escape not to immerse. But I will be there and have skimmed over Book 6 to refresh my memory. I'm quite sure my anxiety level will be at an all time high but I think I will take a chill pill so I can enjoy the movie. Also, I am not feeling at all funny today. My husband has promised me a frosty margarita tonight when we go out to dinner so I do have that to look forward to.


Hold on, wait a second.....

Damn, Facility lady just told me they can't do it until tomorrow because he needs another man for the job. Why do you mock me? Why do you lift me up only to throw me back down? Why can't facility lady be a certified electrician too? Mrs. Crabbypants may have to make a sudden appearance today.

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chinamommy said...

i think everyone is too afraid to leave a comment... enjoy the drink tonight!
I started Harry Potter, but then i had to divorce a psycho- i need to go back & read the whole series over, although if i start wearig a wizard outfit- SLAP ME! and... i'm a grown woman that LOVES me some Hello Kitty... so go on & love you some Harry (which i prefer over hairy!)