Monday, July 6, 2009

It is amazing!

First things first, I did blog that I hated all people; I may have exaggerated just a bit. Monkey was acting like a baby monkey and was pissy. This made me pissy and I just needed to yell because I didn't want to yell at him. That is all.

Ok, so it has been 11 days since Michael Jackson passed away rather suddenly. I know you have all read countless stories, watched numerous specials and had your own thoughts on his death. It is my turn. If you are tired of it don't read this and don't watch TV, look online or go to any grocery store this week.

About four months ago Monkey and I sat and played music on Itunes and played the "Remember this one" game. We love that game! We started listening to Michael Jackson songs and watching videos. We commented on how amazing he was and how unfortunate it was that his personal life was all fucked up.

We are now amazed at the amount of love that has been seen in regards to Michael Jackson since his death. The coolest part has been seeing my 8 year old nephew discover Michael's music, videos and dancing. My nephew has downloaded as many songs and videos as his parents will allow him. We have sat and listened and watched together. Shared memories and seen the wonderment and excitement in an 8 years olds eyes discovering the King of Pop.

He doesn't know all the drama and controversy that has been Michael Jackson's life. He doesn't care that he looks nothing like he did when he was a child. He doesn't care that he is "white" now and was born"black". All he knows is that Michael Jackson is cool. He can sing and he can dance! My nephew has watched Thriller about 20 times since he downloaded it. It is so amazing to know that I had all the same thoughts and the same feelings when I was just a few years old than my nephew is now. I know that I watched Thriller every time it came on Night Tracks and the then 1 year old MTV.

Never did I think that my nephew and I would have the same interests or agree on anything as much as we do now. I again, can see through fresh eyes; Michael Jackson is cool, he can sing and he can dance.


byebyepie said...

As you know, if you read my blog--and how annoying am I for assuming that, except that you have a link to me, so ONE of you must read me (and really, is this the longest sentefne inthe history of time?), my husband worked for Michael Jackson for two years. And not for a minute did he believe the allegations against him.

I'll bet Michael J. would be really thrilled that he could do this for you and your nephew.

And P.S. Gay marriage needs to be legalized everywhere. For sure!

byebyepie said...

P.S. "sentefne." Hate myself. It wasn't even CLOSE to the word "sentence."