Friday, July 24, 2009

I hope we weren't on a milk carton somewhere.

Did my parent's just find me, abandoned, in an old car in a bad neighborhood? Don't we look like underprivileged children from Mexico or something? I love how you can barely see my brother in the backseat. I guess I was driving at a very young age, I must have been very gifted. I'm not really sure what I was storing in my chipmunk cheeks back then ,but whatever it was I feel sure it is still there.

I love having Friday's and Monday's off of work. This is my last long weekend and Little Red is leaving us on Saturday. I am sad. I have had so much fun with her and am so proud of what kind of person she has turned out to be with absolutely no help from me, but I am still proud.

On the agenda for our Friday is Mexican food and a can it possibly get better? Tres Leches cake.



@eloh said...

Oct 3.008...the old woman in the's me.

You have so many really good and well used photos on your site.

Sorry it took me so long to finally get over here and have some read(s).

My daughters are ganged up on me at the moment. So I am making use of my hidin' out time.

@eloh said...

Oh..ghosts at the office window makes me laugh just thinking about it..that one was epic.

chinamommy said...

oh that is TOO good! i have GOT to find that pic of me in our "Blue Jeans" van... one of my better posts! Yes, my family REALLY had a van that said "Blue Jeans" on the side... we were awesome like that!
~misschell (or you can call me "chinamommy rocks")
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