Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Don't think just 'cause I'm small I can't take you down, vato!

I totally forgot to tell you what I saw yesterday. I was home looking at the front window because Max was up in the window seat, obviously distressed over something. There were these 5 little dogs just running like the wind across our neighbors yard. They disappeared under the fence for a minute or so then they came tearing out towards our house. Some guy was going door to door leaving Chinese food delivery fliers on our door and they ran after him, nipping at his heels and yapping like little dogs are prone to do. He started swinging his fliers at them to shoo them away. This made me laugh out loud because they were all chihuahua's with one fat little dachshund bringing up the rear. Why didn't I grab my camera! Max was whining because he wanted me to let him out so he could eat them. Once we had the windows open and Max actually tore through the front screen to go lay the smack down on a dachshund. He pushed that poor little dog around long enough to make him squeal and then ran right back to the front door with a huge smile on his face as if to say "DID YOU SEE THAT?? I KICKED HIS ASS! HA HA I'M BAD!" A roving gang of chihuahua's with bad attitudes terrorizing people...what is this neighborhood coming to!??!



@eloh said...

It would take a pack of wild chihuahuas to take out one chipmunk.

Somebody, somewhere, came home or out of the shower and freaked out over their missing babies.

They probably only brought the chubby weenie dog along for protection....like, we don't have to be able to out run the big dogs...just have to out run the weenie.

Funny in my mind said...

and my crazy neighbor thinks my tiny Jack Russell is vicious!!!!