Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I think I will have an affair with a trash collector just to make myself feel better.

It is 7 a.m. and I am A.N.N.O.Y.E.D. I am back at work but that isn't the annoying part...yet. I open the pantry door this morning and the trash is piled up to the top...spillage people. I have already asked my husband to take it out but apparently he is deaf. This happens a lot in my house. Why he cannot take the trash out when it's full is beyond me, he has eyes so I know he can see it. He doesn't want me to nag him but he also doesn't do it unless I remind him so what is a girl to do? I have taken it out myself several times but this is really his responsibility. He has two things that are his, one is the trash and one is the yard and I won't even go in to how high our grass is. This Texas summer has wreaked havoc on our yard. I spent my commute to work this morning in a foul mood because of this garbage situation and by the time I got here I was over it. Why do our husbands do this? I have no idea but I feel sure it is just to piss us off. I, of course, am perfect and never do anything that ticks him off besides venting about the garbage on my blog. ;-)

I am back to working full weeks now that Little Red is gone and while it was fun, I am glad to be relieved of entertainment duty. Now that she is all grown up, I enjoy our relationship much more. I can't believe she was only 5 years old when Big Red and I got together and here she is about to turn 18. I would write more but the Trash Calamity of 2009 has left me humorless for the time being. I think it's best to go make my oatmeal and get to work.


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