Thursday, July 9, 2009

Didn't I see this in Friday the 13th or some other bad horror movie?

I love this picture. Do you know why? Is there anything odd in this picture? Is that a knife they are holding? Why am I writing such short sentences? H found this knife sticking in the dirt outside our building. It is a rather huge switchblade. We help children in this building. WHY IS THERE A LARGE DANGEROUS KNIFE IN OUR FRONT YARD??!! H brought the knife in to let our "facilities lady" know how dangerous it is to have a knife in our front yard. Apparently, our slightly loony handyman left it out front. Does anyone worry why our handyman carries such a large switchblade? This may keep me up tonight. H already worries that the loony handyman also likes to stand outside H's window with a chainsaw and laugh.

I, of course, had to capture this moment for all posterity. The ceremonial handing over of the knife. When H saw this picture, he said "Why am I making gay face?" Excellent question. This is why I love working here. Aside from our hilarious lunches or practical jokes or the actual good work we do here...we have characters. Chicken Little, Fast Eddie, Dutch Boy, Little Gay R...everyone has a nickname and they live up to that nickname. We are all just a little bit crazy and funny. This is why I posted my status update on facebook yesterday as thankful for the fun people I work with. After everything I write about work, I still come in every day and laugh. Thank God for characters. I used the word knife 7 times in this post. Obsessive?



Kugo said...

What's even funnier about this is that the "Facilities Lady" later asked for the picture to file as evidence of the official knife transfer. It was a joke lady!! H

Funny in my mind said...

Now all you need is a photo of the handyman-for legal purposes