Thursday, July 30, 2009

We are all gathered here today...

We had one of the longest meetings of my life today and total chaos ensued. Today was the day we had all our employees fill out the new benefits paperwork and you would have thought we asked them to write an essay on the theory of relativity or balance our nations budget, with the way they carried on. Drama anyone?

I get that learning about your new health plan is not the most exciting thing in the world but it is a necessary evil that you will eventually need to understand. Apparently, it was so difficult one employee got upset and started raising her voice. Granted the rep was giving a little too much information but CONTROL YOURSELF WOMAN! Just because you don't understand it, do not get upset with them. It was just mass confusion because half of our staff can't follow directions and the other half just don't want to. I may have spoiled them, I take partial blame here.

The mistake might have been feeding us first and then talking. Just leads to a room full of slow blinkers and sleepy employees. All I got out of this meeting was a MOUNTAIN of paperwork that I need to double check and sign off on and more questions that frankly, I just don't need. I have a headache and need to go lay down. The good news is it's finally raining outside and the temperature has dropped...temporarily. Thank goodness I love my job. Lord, give me patience tomorrow or help me kick someones ass. Do you think he does that sort of thing?



Funny in my mind said...

I shudder as I remember filling those out. You should have taken them to the bar for a round of drinks first.

@eloh said...

Well, if you kisk some ass, they can figure out that health plan, quick fast and in a hurry.

Kugo said...

Funny, I should have been the one drinking.

@eloh, physical violence crossed my mind briefly, until I remembered the plan doesn't kick in until Sept 1st. Ass kicking may commence then.