Thursday, July 2, 2009

Are we there yet?

I was just in a conference call with our new 401K administrator and he was going over our new retirement plan. Safe Harbors, run averages, share you have ANY idea how boring this was for me? Believe me, I realize how important all this is and I also need to know this stuff to help our employees, but come one. While he was droning on I found myself with some free time to let my mind wander and this is what I thought of:

  • My boss now looks darker than me, did she go get a tan? Why do white people want to look darker anyway? She also had on this really cute ring and all I wanted to know was where she got it from. I'm thinking Charming Charlie's.

  • The clock in our conference room is 4 minutes slow...painfully slow.

  • There are quite a few people that are walking by outside our building for it being 100 degrees outside. Where are they all going? It's not like we are located on Main Street.

  • I loved the blouse Brittanica was wearing, it is so something I would buy for myself.

  • I drank so much coffee this morning, I am now worried I will not be able to eat lunch because my belly is full of liquid.

  • Speaking of lunch, where is Monkey Boy with our lunches? I haven't heard from H on when he was bringing it.

  • Since one of my favorite bloggers talked about them today, do you think the three playboy bunny girls actually enjoyed sleeping with Hugh Hefner? I can't imagine it being fulfilling or sexy but maybe they really did love him?

Thank goodness it is technically Friday since we are closed tomorrow for 4th of July. My only goal right now is to cut out early today and go home and take a nap with my husband who has to work tonight. I'd say that's a pretty good goal. MONKEY BOY IS HERE WITH LUNCH!


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chinamommy said...

glad i ate my lunch (lucky charms, i'm all health-freaky like that) before i had to think about Hef all naked & white & wrinkly, AND NAKED!!! BARF! the girls were thinking about shopping while he was naked, come on, they had to be!
must go lie down... dressed & alone