Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Do not expect me to keep your murderous secrets, I just can't do it.

One guess on who is in love with not just her new Mac but herself? It's like I'm having an affair and can't wait to come home to my precious. Husband? What husband? I am now married to my Mac. Mac and K, it's better than mac and cheese. Perhaps I should have picked a better background than our home office with the big old treadmill in the back but this is where I be. Enough about my mac, let's talk about me and my lunch hour (loosely called an hour).

Our topic for today was which would be the worst way to die and if you knew someone you loved killed someone, would you tell. I can't really begin to tell you how disturbing the conversation got but let's just say I work with some pretty sick people. I only color within the lines people, which means I go by the book so I would turn your ass in if I knew. I'd give you 24 hours to turn yourself in or leave the country, but I would go to the police if I knew. Sorry, we must maintain order or end in chaos, that's just the way I feel. I can't possibly sleep at night knowing that I did nothing! What do you expect from anal Annie??!!

Let me just say that I would not mess with the women I work with, they will cut you and not bat an eyelash. I learned that one would not just kill you if you messed with her kids but she would also torture you slowly and painfully. Another will wrap your dead body in ham and throw you in an alligator pit to quickly dispose of all traces of you. Is it any wonder her favorite show is Dexter? We have the most bizarre conversations at lunch and I think tomorrow I will only talk about happy things like rainbows and new shoes. I will also watch my back from here on out.


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Funny in my mind said...

You too have to give them the illusion that you would eat your young. Remember, the big talkers are the little do-ers. Man, I love Dexter.
ps- you look cute, your new boyfriend agrees with you!