Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Life goes on...

It's Tuesday and I am back at work, where I belong. Being off can be dangerous because we go shopping and out to eat too much. After my parents drove off and abandoned me Saturday, I was pretty down for most of the day. Big Red had to go off to work so Max and I crawled back in to bed and slept.

Sunday dawned rainy and cold, I loved it. We had planned to go to the Botanical gardens but it was so ugly outside we decided to go to a movie instead. We drove away from home and it started raining even harder so we went to McDonald's and bought coffee and cookies and went home instead. Good thing we did because look what greeted us.

Yep, that's right, Max. He had knocked over the laundry basket blocking the doggy door and figured out how to open said doggy door and wiggle out. I would say he is too smart for his own good but while he could figure out how to get out, he could not figure out how to get back in and was locked out in the rain and mud. Big Red had to pick him up and carry him to the tub where he promptly got a bath. Good thing we came home.

We ended up renting movies and since it was so cold outside I bought one of these too.

Laugh if you must but I am a Snuggie convert. We laugh at the stupid infomercials but I'll be damned if the damn thing didn't keep me warm and let me eat popcorn at the same time. Red and I took pictures of me using the phone, reading a book,etc... all the things they do in the commercials. We laughed but I stayed warm. Don't you just love how I blend right in to my couch?

We ended up trying to go out again that night but the line for Paranormal Activity was so long we went out to dinner instead. We were finally able to go see the movie on Monday morning and I wasn't as impressed as I thought I would be. Big Red got sick and had to leave the theatre, he doesn't like hand held camera work like the Blair Witch Project. It wasn't really worth it but we only paid $5 so we didn't feel so bad. Too much hype maybe. We also tried a new breakfast place, Einstein Bros. Bagels. Damn good coffee and delicious bagels. Go try it!

My parents are great and laughing it up in Vegas as we speak, I've talked to them twice and miss them but they are having a good time. Meanwhile, back in Texas life goes on and I go along with it. Back to the grind, wish I had some of the Vanilla Hazelnut coffee from Einstein Bros. right now. Still raining, do you ever wish for something and then regret it?



@eloh said...

I've been considering one of those snuggy things...looks comfy.

Funny in my mind said...

That's it! Now I have to have one- you make it look so warm. I am cold already and it is 45 degrees. I have taken all hubbys fleece shirts and layered so many things that they laugh at me. I hate the cold so I am getting one asap!

The Expatresse said...

I got my dad one of those snuggy things for his birthday because he is always cold. Yours looks more elegant, however.

What a funny, bad dog! Smiling in the tub.