Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Just because your phone has a camera, it doesn't mean you should use it for that!

This morning a visitor turned in a cell phone he found outside our building. Little Gay R, being our front desk coordinator, shows us (Kugo) the phone. Now in order to find out who it belongs to, we had to look at the numbers, pictures, text messages and lo and behold...there it is. WHAT? Nudity, she whispers. Woke me up faster than a cup of coffee. You better believe the two gay guys grabbed that phone out of my hot little hands so fast I almost got whiplash. Not only is there nudity but there are some rather explicit text messages. I supposed we expected this considering right across the street is a seedy little gay bar.

So we text the creative little naked author and tell him we found this phone and ask him if he knows who it belongs to. He does and he is coming by later to pick the phone up, for his friend. Do you think the three of us will wait at the front desk to see him when he comes in? You betcha. After all, we've already seen him naked, why not see what he looks like with clothes on?

Don't put things on your phone you wouldn't want strangers to see. Lesson learned, people. I have to go find reasons to hang out at the front desk now.


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Funny in my mind said...

And that is why I never let my husband take those kind of picts of me. What if we died? What would his mother or the kids think? I prefer those images left to the dark!