Monday, December 21, 2009

Why didn't anyone tell me about Kona Grill?!

Big Red and I went on another date Saturday night and it was wonderful. We decided to try a new place we have never been before, Kona Grill. First of all it was beautiful inside, loved the huge fish tank and modern furnishings. Since we weren't familiar with their menu we went with whatever our waitress recommended and did she know her stuff! We started with margaritas and even though they were small they were packed with a punch. After just one, I was feeling the effects. :-) We had the chicken pot stickers and they had a touch of spice but crunchy and tasty all the same. Red had the steak and I had the macadamia nut chicken and we shared. The chicken was a little bland by itself but the two sauces that come with it were so yummy! Even the garlic skin on mashed potatoes and the grilled veggies (peppers..yum) were delicious. I had some of Red's steak and it was tender and nicely seasoned and I even tried asparagus for the first time and it wasn't too bad. Moving on to dessert... brownie sundae for me and warm apple crisp for my hubby, along with a big cup of Kona coffee. Onolicious! Their desserts were the perfect size, not too much but not too little and they were exactly the perfect way to end the meal.

We were so impressed and can't wait to go back again. The service, atmosphere and the food were outstanding even though we were $80 poorer, we felt it was worth it. After the meal (which surprisingly did not make me feel overstuffed) we walked around La Cantera. If you've never been there it is an upscale outdoor shopping mall and all the trees have white lights, comfortable chairs are scattered everywhere so you can cop a squat, Christmas music was playing and all the outdoor fountains were running. It was almost magical for us. It felt romantic and very Christmassy. It was such a wonderful date night and the cold just added to the heady vibe we had from our margaritas even though we had finished it off with coffee. Ahhh, another lovely weekend and Christmas is only 4 days away. I'm on vacation starting Wednesday and I can't wait to decompress with my baby and enjoy a quiet holiday. Life is good.


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