Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I am not a racist!

I have now lost 47 lbs and a lot of my old clothes don’t fit me. Most of my “skinny clothes” also don’t fit me. I went shopping for pants but had a really hard time with the length. Usually I purchase 30 as the length but this time I bought 32 because the 30 seemed too short. Maybe I am getting taller! Actually Fast Eddie sort of measured me and found out that I may only be 5’10’ instead of 5’11” like I thought I was. I will ask my doc to measure me next time I am there.

Anyway, I bought 6 new pants a couple of weeks ago when I was in Austin. I have worn two of the jeans even though they were a bit long. I decided this week that I really needed to get them altered. What is up with all of the alteration shops in SA? They are all owned and operated by Asians. I have nothing against Asians but what the hell! I have been to three different places in this city and they all smelled the same, decorated the same and they were all rude to me. “Go there, put on!” “Get up there!” “Get down” “Take off!”

It actually smelled like an Indian restaurant in the shop I went in to yesterday.

Why they hell are they so expensive too? I left there spending $65 and I won’t get them until next Tuesday!! I have like 4 pants to wear for the next 7 days.

I have also developed a fear of tucking in my shirt. I used always tuck in my shirt! When I was at the gym was the only time my shirt wasn’t tucked in. I would even tuck in t-shirts with the soft work out short if I went to ther store. I hated being untucked then I got fat and didn’t feel comfortable tucking. I am a mess.

Let this be a lesson to all you fatties…losing weight creates other problems.



The Expatresse said...

Oh, BIG YAY! on the 47.

My husband lost something like 90 pounds a few years ago and it was a real pain keeping him in suits for work along the way. Oh, did I mention: he's also 6'6" so off-the-rack rarely works. Actually it was easier to do that when he was bigger. BIG AND TALL = Big. Not tall.

Funny about the Asians. I lived in Taiwan a million years ago (so did Hubby). He said everyone smelled like garlic there, but I think he was exaggerating. Here in Moscow he has been buying work clothes from some Indian guys, but their showroom/office does not smell of Indian spices. I wish it did. When I was pregnant and had morning sickness, Indian and Thai foods (the spicier the better) were my only salvation.

Now I'm rambling.


chinamommy said...

hahaha, my daughter was adopted from China at 11 months but still (at 6) acts just like that! BOSSY! FYI- all alterations places i've been to (I'm 1/4" from 5'....) here in Grand Rapids, MI also are owned by Asian families...