Saturday, December 19, 2009

Just checking in

Not much to cover because my brain is on vacation but if you're reading Bye Bye Pie, which I know you are, who isn't? All the cool kids are doing it. She wanted us all to do random acts of kindness and really shouldn't we be doing it all the time anyway? So this morning me and the Mr. went out for breakfast and paid for this elderly man eating breakfast alone and booked it out of there before anyone could tell him about it.

Before my parents moved away my mom gave me some of her clothes and one of them was a navy blue sweater that I wore yesterday. The sweater smells just like my mom...still. It made me miss her and wish we were spending the holidays with her. I called to let her know I received her box and she started crying and that made me miss her more. Oh the holidays do make one sentimental don't they? So I had to include a picture of my beautiful mom holding me as a baby. My mom is such a beauty.

I received my final grade for Principles of Macroeconomics and I got an A! This was just the boost of confidence I needed to make me feel like I made the right choice in going back to school. We'll see if I'm feeling that way next semester when I start school full time instead of part time while I continue to work full time. Fun times! Speaking of school here is a school pic of me in the 2nd grade. Can you tell which one I am? I have the goofiest look on my face with my blue daisy dress and pigtails. Ridiculous. Why am I making that face? Such fashionable clothes back then. Okay I have to make like a baby and head out. So much time and so little to do..strike that, reverse. Remember that line from Willy Wonka (minus the making like a baby part)??!


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La Skeletor said...

That is such a sweet picture.