Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Fatsgiving!

I am too full of turkey and tamales to be creative and witty. I have finished my report on the Federal Reserve System and now have a test to study for on Monday. While studying is important, never underestimate the need for taking breaks. My break just happened to take me shopping where the only person I bought gifts for was myself. Thanks for the new clothes and shoes babe! Following my shopping was lunch with my husband, who was the only person in Texas to have to work today. It's almost two and I'm thinking this is a great time for a nap with my angel of a dog, Max. Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and I'm sorry I have nothing interesting or exciting to share with you. So enjoy the picture of my brother and sister in law playing Wii. Some of us were fairly imbibed and we all had a good time pretending we were athletes in the winter Olympics.

If they had tandem ski jumping in the Olympics, I'm fairly certain Rob and Missy wold qualify.


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Funny in my mind said...

I saw the Muppets video on DListed or one of those rag sites. We grew up loving them. I got some new Wii stuff to go with the Wii Fit i got last year. Still in the box. Maybe I should use it.......

(verifi word is stabb?)