Sunday, December 27, 2009

Post Christmas starring Max

3 movies in 3 days and I am now all caught up. Who knew this could wear you out? Avatar, Sherlock Holmes and The Blind Side...all great but I cried through most of one of them, can you guess which one? Christmas was great, as usual. Hope your holiday was equally fun and safe. We ate, got some good stuff, talked with family and just enjoyed the time off. I'm sort of over eating out though, I just want to eat a sandwich at home. One of us was more excited to open gifts, bet you can't guess which one. My parents sent him peanut butter dog biscuits and it's like dog crack because I can't get him off the stuff now. Thanks mom and dad for making your grand-dog an addict. Now I'll need some sort of intervention for him.
Speaking of my lovable canine companion, please enjoy the following picture of what happens when he gets stuck in the spare bedroom while we are at work. I opened the door and found him sitting there with a look on his face like "What? It was like this already." How could I scold him when he was really just trying to get out. Yes, we must now replace the flooring, curtains and bedding. Not expensive at all, she sarcastically said. Oy vey.
My bed beckons to me because I am tired from eating too much, watching movies and napping. Holiday's are really exhausting, aren't they? Peace out.



Funny in my mind said...

My pups get those pb biscuits when they get their nails cut. They ARE like crack!
I would love to go to the movies!

The Expatresse said...

Oh, bad dog. He needs doggie daycare!