Monday, November 16, 2009

I guess I have to accept the fact that my husband is now a runner.

It was a busy weekend filled with birthday parties, half marathons and two naps! Big Red ran his first half marathon and he did great, I could not be more proud of him. It was packed along the race course but it was still so much fun. Never mind we got downtown when it was still dark or walked our feet off. A good time was had by all and I would never miss an opportunity to cheer my hubby on. I'm glad he saw us at both mile markers and thank goodness for H's loud booming voice. Thousands of people but you can't miss hearing that voice!

H and Monkey Boy goofing around at the Alamo. I think H just wanted to punch someone. Oh the abuse.

Monkey Boy and I passing time while we were waiting for the runners to pass. It was 7 a.m., how much more energy do you want?!
Big Red and Little M with their finishing medals. I realize they really don't look anything alike but they are brother and sister. Really. I think. No, they are. They have the same mother. I may be biased, but my husband is a hottie, a running hottie.

The whole family at the finish line. I could not be any happier for my baby and his sister. They both did awesome! Rob followed the whole race on his bike, making sure his wife knew he was there for her. How lucky am I to belong to such a great family?

We were able to cheer Big Red on at mile 2 and mile 8 and then see him cross the finish line. We ended up taking a looong nap when we got home. It was a jam packed weekend but a very satisfying one. My husband is already gearing up for a duathlon and talking about doing a full marathon next year. H said it best when he said "Face it, your husband is now a runner". Today I get the results for my first macroeconomics test and I hope I did well. If I don't get a good grade for this first class I will lose all my confidence in my decision to return to school. Not good. Not an option. Not possible.



Funny in my mind said...

Your husband definitely is a hottie and to run in those flip flops is an accomplishment! Kidding. Who is Monkey Boy? Hope you did well on the test- fingers crossed!

Kugo said...

Monkey Boy is H's partner. That can't possibly be an easy job. ;-)


@eloh said...

Well, I'm happy for your hubby. . . but is he going to expect you to strap on the old running shoes?

I'm always a little leery of folks into stressful exercise... sometimes you just want to watch.

Kugo said...

OH GOD NO, on the running. That is his thing and I'm happy to leave him to it. He has running, I have school. We support each other in every way possible...while we enjoy our own stuff. Time apart = good.