Friday, October 30, 2009

Oh the highs and the lows

So my husband came home yesterday from his first day at his new job and we went out to dinner to celebrate. We had the most delicious pumpkin cheesecake I ever did taste, so light and fluffy. I wanted to marry it. Anyway, he has his first business trip scheduled for next month already and it is in Vegas. My first thought was "Yeah! I love Vegas, it will be great!" Than he told me it is scheduled for Monday through Wednesday...while I am in school. Damn. If it were anything else, I would probably blow it off, but not school. I'm paying a lot of money for this and I really enjoy my Principles of Macroeconomics class. Losing these two days is not an option for me. Who would have thought I would enjoy spending two hours in a class where we discuss health care reform, the economy and Karl Marx? But I do.

I do have to say that before school started I already had some OCD tendencies and they have manifested to a higher level. I am anxiety ridden on writing a paper. I do my research (too much), pick a story (change my mind) and write the paper (several times). What the hell? The first story was too long. The second story wasn't complete enough. The third story is too simple. I made my husband check it for me, then on the day it was due I wrote a completely different paper. I made H check it for me, printed it and went home and made my husband check this one too. Changes, changes, I can't just write something and leave it, I obsess. It was a half page report that only took me 7 minutes to informally present to the class, on new laws to extend unemployment benefits. Geesh, if I keep this up I will never get homework done in the future. Sometimes I don't mind being all anal like this, especially at work, it helps me get things done. Sometimes, I hate it because I never feel like something is complete, I can always change it. This is why my blog entries are so damn long! Okay, I'm done, I'm out.


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