Friday, September 4, 2009

Sometimes I just need an ocean to remind me

Big Red looking awfully small in a big ocean.

Today my husband and I decided to drive down to Corpus Christi simply because we have never been there before. Growing up in Hawaii, you can understand why some days I just really miss the ocean. You know what gets me, though? Why EVERYONE feels compelled to tell me that Corpus Christi is ugly. "It's not going to look like Hawaii". No shit, Sherlock. I would never expect any place, but Hawaii, to look like Hawaii, you know what I'm saying? Do I sound bitter, because I don't mean to be. Just let me go look at an ocean and form my own opinion, okay?

Anyway, they were right, it's ugly...hideous. No, no, it wasn't as bad as I thought. The water wasn't as dirty as I expected and had the sun actually made an appearance, it would have probably been less gloomy.

My husband is quite the talented artist, no? Moments like this, make me forget my fat days.

I'm so glad he was able to put our intitals in the heart above, before he was swallowed by this giant shark. Him getting eaten by the shark was really the only downer of the day.

Oh look! He was able to make it back and kick the sharks ass with this machine gun from the USS Lexington. Go Big Red, my hero!

Sadly, he was then caught in a herd of stampeding buffalo. Yet, he lived to tell the tale. This man has got more lives than a cat.

I'm so glad we were both able to take some time off work to reconnect. While this may not have been a trip back home, just seeing the ocean, any ocean, makes me realize how small my problems can be.



Funny in my mind said...

He looks like a fun guy to take on vacation. I love the ocean, dirty or not. Great photos!

Tricia said...

Sometimes I miss being so close to the beach, even the dirty one in Galveston. Now I'm stuck out here in the desert with nothing but dirt and rocks and crap for miles and miles. Boo!