Saturday, September 12, 2009

K is annoyed again? So unlike me.

Things that annoyed me yesterday:

1. Our new payroll company sending me a packet of forms with ten million little signature flags, with no explanation on what exactly these forms are for.

2. Having to reconcile time off accruals with our old payroll company and noticing that 60% of the balances are wrong.

3. Trying to reconcile said balances and no longer having access to their system.
4. One of our long term employees has worked here over a decade and still doesn’t know how to lock our front door? I would really like to be secure in the knowledge that at 7 a.m. the front door is locked behind us and not worry about being killed by some crazy person. That would make for a bad day.

5. The fact that because of the technological advances of having all my phone numbers stored in my cell phone, I can no longer remember one damn number by heart. This forces me to dig out my cell phone to find a number when I want to use my work phone.

6. A company function that I have been asked to attend even though I really don’t have the time or interest to do so.

7. My assistant being out for a week and having to defend her right to be out to my big bosses, even though I’m not that thrilled about it either.

8. The fact that our new medical plan has no co-pays, yet I have two employees that were charged co-pays on their latest office visit.

9. The fact that I made a to-do list on Monday and have only crossed off 3 things from the list of 14.

10. Drinking too much coffee has been making me sick lately but when I am feeling stressed, I need to drink coffee.

11. Jon Gosselin trash talking his wife on the morning news. I don’t like her that much either but you’re the one that stuck around and had 8 kids with her, stop whining about it You do know your kids are old enough to be hurt by this stuff, right?

12. The fact that I am so anal that I have to make a list of the things that annoyed me today.



@eloh said...

#5 and #12........I'm so there.

That Jon Gosselin Ace example of "what" being denied his rights NOT to be a father of a litter of children. One of the first articles I ever read, a couple years ago, talked about how he had begged his wife NOT to have anymore in vitro fertilization...he was very happy with just the twins...but she had insisted she wanted one more.
Sooooo? I kind of feel sorry for the guy.
Mixed feelings about the whole situation for sure.

La Skeletor said...

I don't want children. There's enough people reproducing around me that the species will surely go on. Bleh!