Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hold on a second...

Wait one cotton pickin' minute, I just realized One Day at a Time wasn't in the 80's, it was in the 70's! This can only mean one thing...I am older than I thought. Doesn't that just suck shit on a stick? You have to admit Valerie Bertinelli looks pretty damn good for her age, though. So do Demi Moore and Madonna, do you think they have all had plastic surgery? Remember when Val was married to Eddie Van Halen and they were just the coolest couple ever? Rock on Van Halen!

Don't you ever wonder why H never posts anymore? Me too. He always promises to, but in case you haven't figured it out yet, he is a liar. I believe the last post he wrote was on cursing and that was pretty good. He is going through "stuff", don't ask because I won't tell and truth be told, it's not all that fascinating. Maybe he has just run out of stuff to say.

I was able to get out of attending a company event today that would have wasted an entire day of work for me and I am so glad. There is NO ONE in my hallway because they are all at that event and I could not be happier about it. I have gotten so much work done because it is finally a quiet day at work with no interruptions. I actually feel a little giddy about the solitude, is that weird? Okay, I'm just rambling and I need to get back to work. Work waits for no one.


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The Expatresse said...


You might be almost as old as I am.

Of course Madonna and Demi have had work done. They also have the time and money for personal trainers and chefs.

Valerie, at least, has had some up and down moments with her weight. She looks good lately though. Eddie ain't as cute as he used to be.