Friday, September 18, 2009

In this case, two is the loneliest number.

Did I tell you my parents are moving away? Maybe I did, I can't remember. My parents? They like to move. They move wherever there is a child. Papa truly is a rolling stone in this case, and so is mama. I am here in Texas and I guess they are over me now and want to move on to the next child. That would be my youngest brother in Idaho. They just invited me out to dinner one night and asked me "How would you feel about us moving to Idaho?". Really, what could I say...don't go? They are adults and my first reaction was happiness, because I love Idaho too. It's gorgeous there and more like a small town then a big city.

This was one month ago and I went to their house this weekend and EMPTY! They have sold off almost everything and are leaving in October. WHAT? My parents do not jack around people. When they say it, they mean it. Granted, we scored some good stuff they did not want to take with them, but now I am so sad. It was just a statement before, I thought they meant eventually, not next month. We spend every holiday at their house. Correction, we SPENT every holiday at their house. We didn't make our own turkey on Thanksgiving or even put up a tree at Christmas...why bother, we spent all that time with my parents.

I feel like an orphan, is that just a tad too dramatic? I am still happy for them, that they are moving someplace safer and smaller. I know my brother will keep them busy with the restaurant and this is what they need. I also know I am being totally selfish with my feelings and in no way will tell them how I really feel, but I dread the day they drive away and I have to say goodbye. I already tear up just thinking about it. I will be a mess and my husband will be left to clean it all up. I'm quite sure divorce will cross his mind once or twice, after I have cried on his shoulder one too many times.
While my husband and I were talking about moving in a few years, this pretty much sealed the deal for us. Where do you think we will move to? See you soon, mom and dad.



Funny in my mind said...

I am sorry to hear that. Does it make you sad that I am an orphan? You should see them as often as possible! How far are they from you?

Kugo said...

They only live 5 minutes from me now but Texas to Idaho is going to be a a little long for the apron strings. I didn't know you were really an orphan, are you? Now I feel worse.