Monday, September 14, 2009

Kanye West can suck it

Could Kanye West be a bigger ass or what? I couldn't believe my eyes last night when he interrupted Taylor Swift's acceptance speech on the VMA's. That poor girl was speechless and mortified. I realize Kanye is a huge narcissist but he must have some shred of compassion for this teenage girl who was so excited after winning her first moon man. Did he not get enough love and attention when he was growing up and now we as a society must pay for it? I am so over his music, he is the new Chris Brown for me.



Funny in my mind said...

I heard about that. What an assface!

Tricia said...

I bet it gives a good bump in the ratings for his appearance on that new Leno show starting tonite. Hmmm, meticulously planned timing!

The Expatresse said...

I read about that. I can't pronounce his name, and I doubt I have ever heard a song of his, (I'm sooooo out of the loop) but what an ass.

I heard Beyonce gave Swift a moment later. A class act, that Beyonce.

The Expatresse said...

Did you see Obama called him a jackass. Off the record. But now we all know! Hee hee.