Thursday, September 24, 2009

Have you ever messed up at work?

Please enjoy the following e-mail about my major *&#% up at work.

From: K
Sent: Wednesday, September 23, 2009 11:44 AM
To: H

OMG! I just realized not only did I &%#* up July's cash balance but
I never reconciled July bank account at all! I just realized it when I was getting ready to balance our August bank balance!
Epic failure. I am packing my desk up.

From: H

To: K

wow, what have you been doing? Karma for not sharing your granola bar?


From: K

To: H

I feel like a complete failure right now. This is so unlike me to forget something this huge. My head actually hurts.

No wonder the auditor came and asked me for the July bank statement. D and I are just like "Why doesn't she just look in the bank reconciliation folder she took??". HELLO? Earth to K.

My boss actually laughed at me.


We are knee deep in an audit at work and yesterday was the first day I felt really stressed about it. My boss is the most laid back person and never stresses out, thank goodness she just took this mess up in stride. How did I forget to balance our checkbook for two months in a row? In the past my reaction to a stressful day would have been to medicate with comfort food but I didn't. I went home and we had veggie tacos and it was delicious! At least something went right, it's almost Friday. Repeat mantra.



chinamommy said...

again i will tell you- all stresses in life come from NUMBERS! i have NO idea how you do your job, i would still be in college trying to pass accounting if it wasn't for the CUTE Chinese boy in front of me holding his test in the air to proof read.... not my proudest moment, but i passed & switched to the art dept! Whew....

@eloh said...

I've tried many times to come up with a comment that didn't involve the pharse "well sh*t" but I keep failing.

@eloh said...

Hey, you could share the taco recipe.