Monday, September 21, 2009

Nothing good on TV, huh?

I have no idea why Max was left at the altar, who wouldn't love this? Okay, maybe he does look a little crazy...ever so slightly.

I often wonder why people read this blog. If you have a blog, don't you wonder? I wonder why they come back too. If they come often, I wonder why they don't comment. Is it because they are shy? Indifferent? Bored? Shocked? Lurking? I read a few blogs, mostly because they are funny. I get to know someone and am interested in their lives and what makes them tick. I'm naturally curious.

I wish I knew why you come here, so I could know what to write about. I would tell you how I totally Kate Gosselin'd (yes, I am using her as a verb now) my husband at Target but it's too embarrassing for me and I would hate for people to think I'm a bitch...though I sometimes can be.

I would tell you that we went hiking this weekend and my body still hurts but that's really just complaining.

I would tell you that H and I had lunch today...just the two of us and it was nice. We realized we miss this sometimes because our normal lunch crowd can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. It's like too much stimulation for one person to handle. We Kanye each other a lot. You know, interrupt, constantly tag team with lightning speed, speed joke, if you will. Yes, I am using Kanye as a verb now, too.

We also made the following observations:

Chicken Little needs to retire and volunteer at a church.

Crazy maintenance man eats very loudly, makes weird noises, and listens to our conversations. Awkward much?

H thinks my husband is a saint for STILL being married to me, I prefer to think he is entertained by me.

See? Nothing to say, why are you still here??!



Funny in my mind said...

I am here. I like to read about other people's lives. Sad huh? I wonder too, why people read me.

chinamommy said...

hmmmm, i find you funny & i feel like i know you now, so we're friends & this is how we stay in touch!!