Thursday, August 27, 2009

Trouble does not start with a T, it starts with an M, for Max.

I had a conversation with Max about his attitude lately, he's been just shy of misbehaving. I'd like to think he understood me but in reality I realize he didn't. Am I the only one who has conversations with their pet? When my husband isn't around, I tell Max all my secrets because let's face it. Whose he gonna tell? I know my secret is safe with him and he never passes judgement. This is why pets are invaluable to me. The feeling of peace and love I get from them is worth every dime I have to spend to keep them healthy. So when I heard on the news that in this economy people are giving up their pets I just had to say "HOLD ON A SECOND"! There are other things that I would give up like cable, cell phones, and movies before I gave up my dog. I made a commitment to be responsible for this animal's life and I intend to follow through on that not because I have to but because I want to. That's my rant for today, you may now feel free to go about your day.
Hey mama. Just hanging out behind the chair, nothing wrong here, no ma'am. Guilty? Not me, I didn't do anything, nope, nothing going on here at all.
We have been teaching Max to wait until we give him permission to do things. So we put treats on the floor right next to him and make him sit there until we are ready to release him. I love that no matter how badly he wants that treat on the floor, he won't look at it. He will just stare at us until we release him.

As crazy as he can drive me sometimes, I can't help but love him. My weakness? Max.



@eloh said...

Most people should never be allowed to have a pet to begin with.

Funny in my mind said...

I agree with Eloh. Your baby is so pretty, and I not only talk to the dogs but we make up songs with their names in them and today I risked my life in a torrential rainstorm to walk them.