Monday, August 10, 2009

Feel like wasting some time? You've come to the right place.

Wow, H and Monkey Boy sure do love gigantic pretzels, don't they? I haven't posted in a few days because I usually do it first thing in the morning and well...I have been working, hard. We have an audit coming up next month and every spare moment is taken up preparing for that. I wish I had an assistant or something. Oh wait, I do. Apparently, she can't do anything now because she is one month pregnant and it has already started. "Oh my back" has been said on numerous occasions along with "I can't pick up that box, I'm pregnant". While I am happy for her on her little bundle of joy, I still need to get some quality work from her. I have no other expression than oy vey, again.

We had a good and busy weekend. We went to see George Lopez Saturday night and I had no idea it was live on HBO. I know they said it numerous times but I was thinking they were just filming it to show later. If I had realized it was LIVE LIVE I would have streaked or something. He was quite political but funny and after thinking about it, I realized I couldn't really relate to some of his humor, even though I found it hysterical. I am Hispanic but I have no cultural reference to look back at other than the Hawaiian culture. We were raised in Hawaii with all things Hawaiian, language, food, music, dance, etc... My mom speaks Spanish fluently and was raised here in Texas but we came home speaking pidgin English, not Spanish. The only thing I really got from my mom was my love of tortillas in every meal. Everything else I acquired is from my dad. It is an odd dynamic to know I am Hispanic but not be able to relate to it in the same way as my friends here, who were raised in the culture, do.

I have also been busy doing my research on colleges, financial aid and student loans. Do you realize this is so much easier when you are a teenager and can just expect your parents to do all this for you? It's almost enough to make me not want to do it but more on that later. I have to actually do some work here sometimes. Happy Monday.



@eloh said...

Here's my a-hole comment on your "identity" are an are the epitome of what this country is all about. "All kinds of unique people coming together to become ONE nation."

In Georges mind, he is still a Mexican.

Your description of yourself (how you view yourself) is exactly what used to make this a great nation.

A big old "melting pot" of all those wonderful people that came here from all over to be Americans. Wish it would catch on again.

Tell your assistant to get up off her butt, I had four kids, one of them was a ten pounder...never had so much as an aspirin...not my choosing...just the circumstances of each birth...for my forth one I had them have all the good drugs ready but yet again twists of fate and didn't get so much as a stick to bite has made me a real a-hole.

chinamommy said...

Guess what? we are BOTH in ol' Junie June June's book club- 'cause we are AWESOME!!!!! i think we should hold the meetings in Maui!!
PS- do the people at work read your blog???????? go tell that girl she should have adopted, my back NEVER hurt & i didn't gain a lb!
~chinamommy :)

Tricia said...

Hey, I watched that! Too bad I didn't know to look for you guys! Love me some George. Never seen him live though. Too expensive for this g├╝era. :(