Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The essence of mathematics is not to make simple things complicated, but to make complicated things simple. What the?

I hate math. I realize hate is a strong word, maybe not strong enough in this instance. Any kind of math. Math is the devil to me. I've never been very good at it since high school. Now I do realize I am an accountant but this takes a very different kind of math. One that involves this amazing invention called an adding machine that does my thinking for me. I may have a fear of math (not as great as my fear of sharks) and I definitely have an aversion to math. Is it just me? It is isn't it? But all that aside, I need to know math. I have to take a placement test to get in to college. I graduated from high school over 25 years ago and now I have to take a test to get back in to school. Somehow this just seems so wrong.

I looked over the sample test and OMG! I skipped like 10 questions in a row because apparently, I am dumb. We're talking fractions, long division, algebra, trigonometry... I am like stunned that I am so completely incapable of understanding basic equations that I think I must be missing the math gene. It could be a birth defect, I don't know. It may also be that I am so paralyzed by fear that it is all in my head and I have already doomed myself to failure. Big Red bought me a math book so now I have to go study. You know what really sucks? Red can do any kind of math in his sleep, he is some kind of idiot savant with math. Math is the new devils taint, not facebook. Math may very well be the death of me. She died by math, math killed K, put it on my tombstone. If I get to heaven and it is filled with mathematicians, I'm going to be one pissed off bitch.



chinamommy said...

Oh i am sooooooooooo with you, the only (& i mean ONLY) math i can do is: 50% off & 75% off! my HS math teacher went to Michigan State Prison my sr. yr. for being "inappropriate" with his daughter... ewwww. He wore 3 colors: mustard yellow, olive green & poop brown- he was more than strange but yet a math genius. i took accounting in college, thank goodness the math genius Chinese guy sat in front of me & held his test over his head when he was done to check it- i'd still be there if it wasn't for him... was i trying to balance someones checkbook? i STILL have no idea what i was trying to do...i ended up with a BA in fine art- go figure!
misschell :)

Anonymous said...

Did you just call me an idiot? :-)

And for the record, I do NOT do math in my sleep.....at least not EVERY night.

Big Red